Tuesday 15 December 2015

CBSE Class 9/10/11/12 - Cloze Test -2 (English Grammar)

Cloze Test 

Fill in the blanks from the choices given below:

CBSE Class 9/10/11/12 - Cloze Test -2 (English Grammar)

The League of Nations was (1) in 1919. It became ineffective and the UNO began to (2)  from October 24, 1945. The Second World War (3) in 1939. It caused great (4) to human lives and properly. As a (5) of use of atom bombs, many people were (6) and many became (7). The world leaders feared that another world war would (8) the entire world. It was a question of the (9) of mankind. To ensure peace and (10) the world leaders established world organisation, the UNO.

1. (A) created
   (B) formed
   (C) made
   (D) opened

2. (A) start
    (B) operate
   (C) function
   (D) commence

3. (A) broke in
   (B) broke out
   (C) broke into
   (D) broke up

4. (A) wastage
   (B) calamity
   (C) loss
   (D) disturbance

5. (A) result
   (B) cause
   (C) reason
   (D) matter

6. (A) destroyed
   (B) killed
   (C) mutilated
   (D) disabled

7. (A) disabled
   (B) disadvantaged
   (C) unfit
   (D) handicapped

8. (A) perish
   (B) demolish
   (C) jeopardize
   (D) destroy

9. (A) continuity
   (B) survival
   (C) presence
   (D) existence

10. (A) tranquility
   (B) security
   (C) safety
   (D) order


1. (B) formed
2. (C) function
3. (B) broke out
4. (C) loss
5. (A) result
6. (B) killed
7. (A) disabled
8. (D) destroy
9. (B) survival
10. (B) security

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