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CBSE Class 6 - English Grammar Quiz (Worksheet)

English Grammar Quiz

CBSE Class 6 - English Grammar Quiz (Worksheet)


Q1:  __________ always stood first in his class (supply the correct answer).

(a) They
(b) You
(c) We
(d) He

Q2: What is the synonym of word "Haste"?

(a) Hurry
(b) Pleasure
(c) Guard
(d) Repent

Q3: Choose the antonym for word "Wide".

(a) Narrow
(b) Tame
(c) Show
(d) Low

Q4: Pick the gender of 'Boar'

(a) Drake
(b) Filly
(c) Sow
(d) Bride

Q5: I have seen alone. One should _______ be optimistic in life.
(Pick up the correct adverb)

(a) Once
(b) Always
(c) Never
(d) Enough

Q6: I will meet him _________ Saturday afternoon.
(Choose the correct preposition)

(a) On
(b) With
(c) To
(d) Into

Q7: ______   the weather is fine, we will play cricket.
(Choose the correct Conjunction)

(a) As
(b) If
(c) But
(d) Although

Q8: I hope __________ you soon.

(a) see
(b) to see
(c) saw
(d) seen

Q9: I often ______ to music.

(a) listen
(b) listening
(c) listened
(d) to listen

Q10: I ________ the computer. It is OK now.

(a) have repaired
(b) has repaired
(c) was repaired
(d) am repaired

Q11: Meaning of the word "Wistful" is ______

(a) sad
(b) joyfully
(c) aloud
(d) little

Q12: The meaning of the word "Canine" is ________

(a) call
(b) dislikes
(c) dog
(d) respect

1: (d) He
2: (a) Hurry
3: (a) Narrow
4: (c) Sow
5: (b) Always
6: (a) on
7: (b) If
8: (b) to see
9: (a) listen
10: (a) have repaired
11: (a) sad
12: (c) dog

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