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CBSE Class 9 - Foundation Of Information Technology (FIT) - Basics Of Computer Systems - MCQs

Class 9 - (Information Technology) IT
Chapter: Basics of Computer System

CBSE Class 9 - Information Technology (FIT) - Basics Of Computer Systems - MCQs
Can you identify the parts labelled as numbers? See answer below.
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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q1: Computer system has a unit, which displays the results from it.

A. Central Processing Unit
B. Memory Unit
C. Input Unit
D. Output unit

Q2: A computer system can accept textual input with the help of

A. Mouse
B. Video Camera
C. Keyboard
D. Barcode Reader

Q3: We can enter the audio form of data into a computer system with the help of

A. Microphone
B. Scanner
C. Keyboard
D. Barcode Reader

Q4: One of the Internet Service provider in India

C. Microsoft
D. Infosys

Q5: Files can be organized in

A. Printer
B. Keyboard
C. Folder
D. Mouse

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Q6. Which of the following is NOT an input device?

A. Scanner
B. Speaker
C. Keyboard
D. Mic

Q7: Which of the following can be used for Audio-Video communication?

A. Video Conferencing
B. Chat
C. Email
D. IP Telephony

Q8: Which of the following is not an Internet Browser?

A. Google Chrome
B. Internet Explorer
C. Mozilla Firefox
D. Notepad

Q9: Identify a valid email id out of the following.

C. james@martin@in
D. james

Q10: Which of the following combination of keys are used for copying a particular file in a folder?


1:  D. Output unit
2:  C. Keyboard
3:  A. Microphone
4:  B. BSNL
5:  C. Folder
6:  B. Speaker
7:  A. Video Conferencing
8:  D. Notepad
9:  A.
10: C. CTR+C

Answer to the above figure is:
1. Monitor
2. Motherboard
3. CPU (Microprocessor)
4. ATA sockets
5. Main memory (RAM)
6. Expansion cards
7. Power supply unit
8. Optical disc drive
9. Hard disk drive (HDD)
10. Keyboard
11. Mouse


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