Tuesday 14 February 2017

CBSE Class 7 - Geography - Human Environment Interaction - Tropical and Sub-Tropical Region (Assignment) (#cbsenotes)

Human Environment Interaction -
Tropical and Sub-Tropical Region

Class 7 - Geography - Assignment

Amazon Basin
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Q1: Define the following terms:

(a) Tributaries
(b) River Mouth
(c) Equatorial Region
(d) Population Density
(e) Cash crops

Q2: Name the countries of the Amazon basin through which equator passes?

Q3: What is the main occupation of the people of the Amazon rain forest?

Q4: Name two types of houses in which Amazon families live.

Q5: Where do Ganga - Brahmaputra basin lies?

Q6: Which highway has made all parts of the Amazon rainforest accessible?

Q7: Why less number of people live in the mountain areas of Ganga-Brahmaputra basin?

Q8: Name tributaries of river Ganga.

Q9: What are the main features of Ganga-Brahmaputra basin?

Q10: Why plains are densely populated?

Q11: How is silk produced?

Q12: Which variety of dolphin is found in river Ganga and river Brahmaputra?

Q13: Name the local weed that grows in the lake and is the food of the fish.

Hints and Answers

A2: Brazil, Colombia
A3: Men - hunt and fish, women - take care of crops
A4: NCERT Pg 58 - 2nd para
A5: 10° N to 30° latitude
A6: Trans Amazon highway
A8: Son, Gandak, Kosi
A12: susu or shushuk
A13: Vallisneria hydrilla

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