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CBSE Class 9 - Maths - Co-Ordinate Geometry (Questions and Answers) (#cbseNotes)

Coordinate Geometry

Q & A

CBSE Class 9 - Maths - Co-Ordinate Geometry (Questions and Anwers) (#cbseNotes)

Q1: Write the name of the point where both axes intersect?

Answer: Origin

Q2: In which quadrant(s), ordinate of a point is negative?

Answer: III and IV

Q3: If the cooridnates of of two points P(-2,3) and Q(-3, 5), then find (abscissa of P) - (abscissa of Q) 

Answer: = (-2) - (-3) = -2 + 3 = 1

Q4: Plot the points A (-4,4), B (4,4) and C (0,0). Join AB, AC and BC and name the geometrical figure obtained.

Answer: A triangle.
CBSE Class 9 - Maths - Co-Ordinate Geometry (Questions and Answers) (#cbseNotes)

Q5: The abscissa and ordinate of a point are –3 and –5 respectively then write down the ordered pair.

Answer: P(-3, -5)

Q6: From the figure below, answer the following:

Co-ordinates of Point C
Abscissa of Point E
Coordinates of Point A
Ordinate of point B
Which points have abscissa 0.
Quadrant in which Point C lies
Perpendicular distance of Point F from x-axis 
Points which has same value of x-coordinate 

CBSE Class 9 - Maths - Co-Ordinate Geometry (Questions and Answers) (#cbseNotes)

-4, -3
A and G
III Quadrant
2 units
A and D

Q7: What is the name of each part of the plane formed by these two lines?

Answer: Quadrant

Q8: In which quadrant, do the following points lies?
A (3, 7), 
B (–9, –6), 
C (10, 15) 
D (–5, 9)

A IVth quadrant
B IIIrd quadrant
C Ist quadrant 
D IInd quadrant.

Q9: Write the mirror image of the point S(–5, 7) by using x-axis?

Answer: (–5, –7)

Q10: State whether the following statements are true / false .
(5, 7) is a point in the IV quadrant.
(-2, -7) is a point in the III quadrant.
(8, -7) lies below the x-axis.
(5, 2) and ( - 7, 2) are points on the line parallel to y-axis.
(-5, 2) lies to the left of y-axis.


False (parallel to x-axis)

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