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CBSE Class 10/9 - English Grammar - Dialogue Completion (#cbseNotes)

Dialogue Completion Exercise

CBSE Class 10/9 - English Grammar

CBSE Class 10/9 - English Grammar - Dialogue Completion (#cbseNotes)

Q1: Read the following conversation and complete the dialogue.

Vaibhav: May I talk to Saurabh Gupta? I am his brother from Jaipur.

Manish: (a) _____________________________

Vaibhar: Can you give him a message?

Manish: (b) _____________________________?

Vaibhav: I am reaching Delhi tonight by Puja Express for some important official work. He should
meet me at Nizamuddin.

Manish: I will tell him so. (c) ______________________________?

Vaibhav: Please tell him to confirm train timings.

Q2: Complete the dialogue between Sudha and her mother:

Sudha: Mummy, Can I go for a picnic with my class next Monday?

Mummy: (a) _____________________________?

Sudha: We‘re going to Adventure Island.

Mummy: (b) _____________________________?

Sudha: Yes, four teacher are going with us.

Mummy: (c) _____________________________?

Sudha: We shall be back at 5.00 p.m.

Ram: Hello Shyam (a) __________________?

Shyam: I’m working with Tata Consultancy.

Ram: (b) __________________?

Shyam: Yeah, previously I was working in a private firm. But for the last two years I have been
working here. (c) __________________?

Ram: I’m still studying. I am doing my post graduation.

Patient: Doctor, I can’t digest anything.

Doctor: Do (a) ________________?

Patient: I have a terrible pain in the right hand side of my stomach.

Doctor: I feel there’s some swelling too. (b) ________ .

Patient: When should I come for the ultrasound?

Doctor: Right now, please (c) ___________________


a) He is not on his seat.
b) Yes, sure. What is it?
c) Is there anything else to convey?

a) Where are you going?
b) Are your teachers going with you?
c) What time will you come back?

a) Where are you working these days?
b) Were you not working somewhere else before?
c) What are you doing these days?

a) you have pain anywhere?
b) I will have to do ultrasound of your stomach.
c) come to the ultrasound room.


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