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CBSE Class 12 - Biology - Human Nutrition (Worksheet) (#cbseNotes)

Human Nutrition (Worksheet)

CBSE Class 12 - Biology - Human Nutrition (Worksheet) (#cbseNotes)
Digestive System
By Mariana Ruiz Villarreal(LadyofHats) (Own work)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fill in the blanks

1. ______________ is a hormone released by the mucosa of duodenum.

2. The process by which the complex food materials are changed to simple molecules is called _______.

3. Trypsinogen in the presence of __________ enzyme breaks into Trypsin + Inactive dipeptides.

4. Bile salts with the help of _________ emulsify fats.

5. The process in which absorbed food materials become an integral component of the living protoplasm and are used for energy, growth and repair is called ___________ of food.

6. Human alimentary canal lacks ______ enzyme and symbiotic micro-organisms.

7. The _______ canal is the distal part of the stomach which opens into the duodenum.

8. There are two types of intestinal glands – Crypts of Liberkuhn and Brunner’s glands. Secretions of both these glands are collectively called Intestinal juices or _____________.

9. Marasmus is Protein ____________.

10. _________ occurs due to protein deficiency. Meat, butter, milk and eggs are sources of proteins.

11. Ball of chewed and swallowed food is called ________.

12. Roof of the mouth is called ________.

13. Waves of muscle contractions called _______ that help push the food bolus along oesophagus.

14. When the stomach is empty, its walls crumple into folds called ________.

15. Lymph vessels that take up triglycerides from digested fat and deliver them to the bloodstream are called __________.

16. Hepatitis and cirrhosis affects the ______.

1. Enterogasterone
2. digestion
3. Enterokinase (or Proenzyme)
4. monoglycerides
5. assimilation
6. cellulase
7. pyloric
8. Succus entericus
9. Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
10. Kwashiorkor
11. bolus.
12. palate
13. peristalsis
14. rugae
15. lacteals
16. liver

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