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General Knowledge - Tribes and Races Of the World (#compete4Exams) (#cbseNotes)

Tribes and Races Of the World

General Knowledge - Tribes and Races Of the World (#compete4Exams) (#cbseNotes)

A race of hill men on the north-west frontier of Pakistan (tribal area of Waziristan).

Nomadic tribe of Arabia, spread over the whole of Northern Africa and Western Asia.

A primitive Dravidian race inhabiting Central India.

General Knowledge - Tribes and Races Of the World (#compete4Exams) (#cbseNotes)
Bhil Women

A name applied to South Africans of Dutch or Huguenot descent, especially to early settlers of Transvaal and the Orange Free State and their descendants.

They live in the Kalahari desert. They are probably the descendants of the earliest inhabitants of Africa. They rank among the most uncivilized and backward peoples in the world. Their food consists almost entirely of meat, often raw or decomposed, and in times of scarcity they will eat insects, snakes etc.

Peasants of the south-eastern border land of Poland, or Ukraina are known as Cossacks. Many of them belong to Turkic people while many others are of a mix descent.

Race living in the Arctic regions: Greenland, Alaska, Labradors and the extreme north-east corner of Siberia.

Are natives of Assam.

Are a tribe inhabiting the Khasi and Jaintia hills in the north-eastern hilly tracts in Meghalaya State of India. The Khasis have their own distinctive language and culture.

These are a race of Bantu negroes who live in the north of Mount Kenya. They combine agriculture with pastoralism.

Kirghiz of Central Asia are an example of people adopted to a grassland environment. They are pastoral nomads who move from pasture to pasture with the flocks and herds of horses, camels, oxen, sheep and goats. Meat forms only a small portion of their food. The Kirghiz are fearless horsemen, and even their children are expert  riders.

Natives of  New Zealand.

They are concentrated in Karnataka State of India.

They are aborigins of Sikkim and Darjeeling. They are one of the Scheduled Tribes of the Hills, recognised by the Government of India.

The Hungarian race who came to Eastern Europe from south-west Asia and settled in Hungary in the 10th century.

Hill-tribe living in north-west of Pakistan.
General Knowledge - Tribes and Races Of the World (#compete4Exams) (#cbseNotes)
Maori Fighter

They are the original inhabitants of New Zealand. The Maoris are tall, muscular, handsome people, with brown skin and black hair. They are greatly skilled in stone and wood-carving.

Tribe of the east African Plateau are the example of pastoral people. They are tall, strong, warlike race, partly negroid in type. They treat their cattle with great respect and affection and do not kill them for food or for sale as meat.

A Muslim tribe of Malabar (Kerala, India).

A large group of American Indians living in the highlands of Gauatemala.

They are mostly located in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Hill tribe of Nagaland (India).

They are the ancient tribes of Andamans.

Red Indians:
Race living in U.S.A. between the rocky Mountains and the Missouri River. They are original inhabitants of America.

Aboriginal natives of Orissa and Chhotanagpur.

They are tribal people living in Malaysia.

They are aboriginal tribe of the Nilgiris (India).
General Knowledge - Tribes and Races Of the World (#compete4Exams) (#cbseNotes)
Zulu Woman

They are a race of negroid people in Natal (South Africa), having close ethnic, linguistic and cultural ties with the Swazis and the Bantus.

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