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CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Chapter - IT Applications (Q & A) (#cbseNotes) (#eduvictors)

IT Applications (Q & A)

Class 12 - Informatics Practices

CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Chapter - IT Applications (Q & A) (#cbseNotes) (#eduvictors)

Q1: What is the use of 'Front end'?

Answer: The front end application interacts with the user and collects input from the user. For example: E-mail sign up form or any application where a user enters data.

Q2: What is the use of 'Back end' application?

Answer: The backend is an application or program that is not visible to the user but that processes the user requests as received from the front end. The back end handles all database accesses through one or more servers. For Example: MYSQL, Oracle, MS-Access etc.

Q3: Write two advantages of E-Business.

Answer: Advantages of E-Business to customers:
1. It reduces the cost of the products.
2. Customers can access international market.
3. Improves the customer service by offering 24×7 access to market

Q4: Write the full form of ICT.

Answer: Information and communication Technology

Q5: List any two social benefits of ICT.

Answer: Social Benefits of ICT are:
1. Employment Generation
2. Social Networking
3. Education Sector

Q6: List any three economic benefits of ICT.

Answer: Economic Benefits:
1. Faster Growth of Economy
2. Global Market
3. Net Banking
4. Ease and Availability

Q7: Write the name of two web portals commonly used for e-Governance.

Answer: Some popular e-governance sites in India are:
http:// www.
http:// www.

Q8: What are the issues of e-Governance that have negative impact on our society?

Answer: Some issues that have impacted the Society in a not so positive manner:

1. People living in rural area could not benefit from the E-Governance because of lack of computerization in these areas.

2. Lack of awareness about E-Governance program among the people.

3. All government services are not online. So manual method cannot be avoided.

Q9: Give two addresses of most commonly used e-learning sites.

Answer: http://

Q10: What is e-learning?

Answer: E-Learning describes as a means of teaching and learning through computer or e- technology like Internet, CD-ROM, DVD, Audio etc. It provides an opportunity to learn almost anytime, anywhere.

Q11: What are the objectives of e_Governance?

Answer: Objectives of E-Governance Applications are:

1. To provide information and knowledge about political system and services to the citizens.

2. To fulfill the requirement of citizens by providing services at minimal cost and at doorsteps.

3. To facilitate faster, transparent, accountable, efficient and reliable system for various administrative and social
activities of the Government.

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