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CBSE CLASS 10 - Science - Chapter 14 - Sources Of Energy (Revision Assignment) (#cbseNotes)(#eduvictors)


Revision Assignment
Energy Sources and Potential
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1. Thermal power plants are set up near coal or oil fields. Give reason

2. Name the component of sunlight, exposure to which may cause skin cancer.

3. Flowing water possess which type of energy.

4. Name one place in India where wind energy power station is installed.

5. What is a solar panel?

6. What type of energy transformation takes place during winding of spring of a clock?

7. Name the process that produces a large amount of energy in the sun.

8. Why is biogas called a clean fuel?

9. Name the materials used for making solar cells.


10. List two advantages and disadvantages each for using wind as a source of energy.

11. Write two differences between renewable and non – renewable sources of energy.

12. What is the principle of solar cooker? Name two types of solar cooker.

13. Name any two types of harmful nuclear radiations emitted during nuclear fission.

14. What is thermal power plant? Where it is preferably situated?

15. What is the use of black painted surface in solar heating devises.

16. Why are bio gas plants considered to be boon to the farmers? Give reason.

17. Hydroelectricity generated at a dam may be considered another form of solar energy. Why?

18. Why is charcoal considered to be a better fuel than wood?

19. Why a solar cooker cannot be used for frying or making chapattis?

20. Hydrogen has been used as a rocket fuel. Would you consider it a cleaner fuelthan CNG?
Why or why not?

21. Fire wood is our conventional fuel. List any four reasons of replacing it withthe alternate
sources of energy.


22. What is solar cell panel? List two advantages and disadvantages each of using Solar cells
for producing electricity.

23. What is the principle of solar cooker? Give two limitations and two advantages of solar 30Name
the fuel for hydro power plant. Mention two advantages and disadvantages of producing
electricity at the hydro power plant.

24. Explain why:
a. It is difficult to burn a piece of fresh wood from a tree.
b. Pouring dry sand over the fire extinguishes it.
c. It is difficult to use hydrogen as source of energy.

25. What are the different types of energies obtained from sea? Explain.

26. How is the slurry left over after the generation of biogas in biogas plant used?

27. In parabolic reflector type coolers, even temperature up to 1800C- 2000C can be attained. How?

28. Modern chulahs are more efficient than traditional chulahs. Why?

29. How is hydro energy converted into electrical energy?

30. Explain, why only a part of the solar energy that strikes the upper regions of atmosphere
reaches the surface of the earth?


31. Describe the design and function of each part of a solar cooker with the help of a neat labelled

32. What is a principle of Biogas?Explain it working in brief.Draw a labelled diagram of biogas plant.

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