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CBSE Class 11 - Biology - The Living World - Taxonomical Aids (#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

Biology - The Living World - Taxonomical Aids

Q1: What are Taxonomical Aids?

Answer: These are articles helpful in correct identification & classification of organisms are called taxonomical aids.

Q2: What is a Herbarium?

1. The storehouse of collected plant specimens that are dried, pressed & preserved on sheets.
2. Sheets are arranged according to a universally accepted classification system.
3. Used as a ready reference in scientific studies.

Q3: What are Botanical Gardens?

-Collection of various living plant species in form of a garden for identification purpose

-Used for identification of plants.

-Example: Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, England, Indian Botanical Garden Howrah, National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow etc.

Q4: How Museum is considered as an important taxonomical aid?

Answer: Because it is a:
-Collection of preserved plant &animal specimens.

-Specimens may be preserved in preservative solutions viz.Formalin (40%).

-Specimens may also be preserved as dry specimens eg. Insects and stuffed large animals.

-Skeleton of animals may be also as a museum specimen.

-Used as actual material for study and identification.

Q5: What are Zoological Parks? Give examples.

Answer: Place, where wild animals are kept in a protected environment under human care, are called zoological parks.
eg. Alipur zoo, Kolkata, West Bengal National Zoological Park of New Delhi

- These are used as an aid to learning about food habits and behaviour, lifecycle.

Q6: What is a Key?

Answer: Taxonomical aid based on contrasting characters called a couplet.

- The couplet has two opposite statements, each called lead.

- Separate keys for separate taxonomic categories needed.

- Used to classify an organism.

Q7: Define Flora?

Answer: An Actual account of habitat & distribution of plant species in an area.

Q8: What do you mean by Manual?


- It is a document having a description of species in an area.

- Used for getting information for identification of names.

Q9: What is a Monograph?

- Has information of any one taxon.

- Used for classification purpose.

Q10: Define Taxonomy?

Answer: Process of classification of organisms.

Q11: Define Systematics?

Answer: A branch of biology dealing with taxonomy along with the evolutionary relationship between organisms.

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