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Class 7/8/10 - Forests Our Life Line or Natural Resources - Importance of Forest Resources (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Natural Resources - Importance of Forest Resources

Class 7/8/10 - Forests Our Life Line or Natural Resources - Importance of Forest Resources (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

The importance of forest resources can be described  as follows:

1. Ecological Balance
2. Renewable Natural Resources
3. Eco-system
4. Economic Development
5. Environment Quality
6. Safeguard against Pollution
7. Soil Conservation
8. Wind and Soil Erosion
9. Check the Extension Balance
10. Maintains Ecological Balance
11. Attracts Rainfall
12. Control Floods
13. Connects to our Cultural and Civilization
14. Supply of Raw Material

1. Ecological Balance: 

Forests and wildlife are essential to maintain ecological balance of an area.

2. Renewable Natural Resources: 

Forests are an important renewable natural resources.

3. Eco-system: 

Forests are the homes for various species - a complete self sustaining ecosystem; their species content varieties in different parts of the world.

4. Economic Development: 

Forest contributes to the economic development of the country because they provide goods and services to the people and industry.

5. Environment Quality: 

The forest enhances the quality of environment by influencing the life supporting system.

6. Safeguard against Pollution: 

Forest check air pollution and soil erosion. Thus, they exercise safety and against pollution.

7. Soil Conservation: 

Forest save the hill-slopes from landslides.

8. Wind Erosion: 

In deserts, trees reduce wind erosion by checking wind velocity.

9. Check the Extension Balance: 

The forest checks strong gales and keeps the soil intact beneath the roots of trees and thus checks extension of desert.

10. Maintains Ecological Balance: 

The forest check pollution of air through increasing oxygen content of the air.

11. Attracts Rainfall: 

By causing condensation of water vapour in clouds, forests attract rains.

12. Control Floods: 

The floods are controlled because forests dry up rainwater like sponge. It makes soil more fertile and hydrated.

13. Connects to our Cultural and Civilization

Forests are linked with our cultural and civilization.

14. Supply of Raw Material

Forest supply wood, which is used as:

(i) Fuel,
(ii) Raw material for various industries as pulp, paper, newsprint, board;
(iii) Timber for furniture items;
(iv) To be used in packing articles like fruits, tea etc.
(v) For preparing matches, sport goods etc.

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