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CBSE Class 9 - Geography - India land of diverse relief features (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

India Land of Diverse Relief Features
CBSE Class 9 - Geography - India land of diverse relief features (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)
India Relief Features
credits: Sagredo, Wikipedia

Q: Write a short note describing India is a land of diverse relief features.

India presents a picturesque landscape,  characterized by great diversity in its landforms with respect to relief, structure and rock formations.

The north has a vast expanse of highly rugged terrain consisting of the Himalayan mountain chain. The bold and youthful relief of these parallel ranges is largely composed of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

These mountain ranges with towering snowpeaks are characterized by enclosed plateaus and gorges. It evidents of vigorous river as well as glacial action modifying the original relief of the Himalayas.

The North Indian plain lies between the northern mountains and the Southern Plateau

Its flat and almost featureless surface is contributed by depositional work of mighty rivers such as the Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra. Thus extensive aggradation surface of the northern plains consist of stream deposited sediments called alluvium.

Towards the south, the plane merges with the peninsular plateau made up of highly degraded igneous and metamorphic rocks. These rocks are the storehouse of minerals having great economic value such as iron, nickel, copper, manganese, lead, zinc and gold.

The southern plateau is the oldest landmass of the country and has acquired the looks of old age in its terain. It is characterized by highly degraded rocks,  dissected plateau and old mountain ranges.

In some areas the plateau rises like a steep wall and in some areas it rises in the form of a staircase from the surrounding area

Towards the the sea front, the plateau is skirted by the coastal plains to its west and east.

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