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CBSE Class 9 - Foundation of Information Technology Chapter 02 - Computer System Organisation (Worksheet)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Computer System Organisation 

CBSE Class 9 - Foundation of Information Technology Chapter 02 - Computer System Organisation (Worksheet)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)


Fill in the blanks

1. __________ is an electronic device that manipulates information or data according to the set of instructions called program.

2. __________ is used for playing video games.

3. A scanner is a device that allows a user to convert an image into a ___________ file.

4. A touchscreen is an electronic ___________ display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area.

5. ___________ is the light sensitive pointing device.

6. ___________ is used to translate scanned images of the handwritten, typewritten or a special type of font printed on a conventional paper.

7. Examination papers are checked by __________.

8. ___________ reads the bar code information.

9. The speed of printer is rated by _____________.

10. The printed information on the paper is called ____________.

11. The _______________ prints its output on special heat sensitive paper.

12. ________ printers are based on electro-photography technology to print the data.

13. The first chip ________________ was made by Intel in 1971 scientist Ted Hoff and engineer Frederico Faggin

14. Computer memory is divided into ____________ and ___________ memory.

15. _________________ memory does not deal directly with the CPU.

16. __________ memory is a special memory used for speeding up the transfer of data and instructions in CPU.

17. _________ disks are portable but have less storage capacity.

18. __________ is an example of secondary memory.

19. ___________ stands for Compact Disc Read Only Memory.

20. _________ is the latest optical disc secondary storage device.

21. A _________ is a thumb-sized gadget that can be used to read, write or erase data as many times.

22. __________ memory stick was introduced by Sony in 1994 as a copy-protection technology.

23. _________ is the meaningful content that is extracted from the data after processing.

1: Computer
2: Joystick
3: digital
4: visual
5: Light pen
6: OCR
7: OMR
8: Barcode reader
9: cps or lpm
10: hard copy
11: thermal printer
12: Laser
13: Intel 4004
14: primary/main, secondary
15: Secondary
16: Cache
17: Floppy
18: Hard disk/Floppy Disk/Magnetic tape
19: CD-ROM
20: Blu-ray Disc (BD)
21: pen drive
22: MagicGate
23: Information

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