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CBSE Class 10 - English (Lang and Lit.) - A Letter to God (First Flight) - Chapter Summary (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

A Letter to God 

CBSE Class 10 - English (Lang and Lit.) - A Letter to God (First Flight) - Chapter Summary (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Chapter Summary

This story is about a hardworking farmer named Lencho who has an unshakable faith in God. His house is on the crest of a low hill that overlooks a river and a farm filled with ripe corn laden with flowers. The only thing the fertile land needs is rainfall. Lencho eagerly waits for the rain that day. He predicts that it would rain and by dinner time his predictions come true. The sky sends a downpour of big raindrops. He runs outside to enjoy the falling rain. A cluster of thick clouds is seen approaching towards the northeast. He is overjoyed by the big raindrops and tells his wife that they are coins of five and ten cents.

But his happiness does not last long as strong winds begin to blow and large hailstones fall from
the sky along with the rains. It rains over the entire valley and the whole field is covered with snow.
The cornfields are completely destroyed. Lencho’s heart fills with sadness. Lencho fears that he and his family will go hungry that year. His thinks his hard work reaped no benefit. The family’s last hope is God. Lencho believes that only the help from God would save his family from hunger. So he decides to write a letter to God. On the following Sunday, he writes a letter to God recounting his misfortune. He asks Him for the help of a hundred pesos to sow his field again and sustain his family until the crop grows.

He puts the letter in the envelope and writes ‘To God’ on it. With all his faith he places a stamp on the envelope and puts it in the mailbox.

Upon seeing this unusual address, the postman laughs and shares the letter with his boss-- the postmaster. The postmaster laughs too, but almost immediately he regains his composure and expresses his astonishment on the writer’s unfathomable faith. The postmaster decides to help Lencho so that Lencho’s faith remains intact. He decides to send some money to Lencho. After collecting money from his employees, friends and giving apart from his own salary, he puts the money in an envelope along with a letter containing only a signature: God.

The following Sunday Lencho comes to the post office expecting a letter for him. The postmaster feeling satisfied with having performed a good deed looks with contentment as the postman hands over the letter to Lencho.

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