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CBSE Class 6 - 8 - English Grammar - Kinds of Verbs (Transitive and Intransitive)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Kinds of Verbs (Transitive and Intransitive)

English Grammar

CBSE Class 6 - 8 - English Grammar - Kinds of Verbs (Transitive and Intransitive)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

There are two kinds of a verb:
1. Transitive Verb
2. Intransitive Verb

1. Transitive Verb
A verb requires an object after it completes its sense is called a transitive verb. Transitive verb needs object otherwise the sentence does not make any sense.

e.g. The man killed a tiger.

Here the verb 'kill' is transitive. Its object is 'tiger'. Without an object, the sentence seems incomplete.

e.g. The man killed. 
Killed what or who? The question itself suggests the verb demands an object.

Let us take another example.

Please make.

Make what? Hence the sentence is incomplete without an object. We'll write.

Please make a cup of tea.

Other examples of transitive verbs are:

1. The boy opened a window.
2. The girls carry water to their village.
3. Will you phone your brother?
4. I caught a cold.
5. Medha likes butterflies.

2. Intransitive Verb

It is just opposite to transitive verb. An intransitive verb does not need an object to complete its sense.

Examples are:

1. The sun shines.
2. She sang.
3. They jump.
4. The dog ran.

3. Some verbs can be both transitive or intransitive

On request by others, she sang. (intransitive)
She sang a beautiful devotional song. (transitive)

Another example
I walk my horse every day.
The horse walks.

4. Transitive verbs with two objects
There are transitive verbs, like ask, offer, promise, tell etc., that have two objects i.e. indirect object and direct object.

She asked me its price. (me -> Indirect Object, its price -> direct object)
She gave an apple to me. (an apple -> D.O.   me-> I. O.)

5. Transitive verbs act as intransitive

There are few transitive verbs that act as intransitive. Here a few examples:

She eats bread. (transitive)
We eat to live. (intransitive)

Exercise: Pick out the verbs in the following sentences and check if these are transitive or intransitive.

1. Manisha received a prize.
2. We arrived around midday.
3. The baby smiled.
4. The boy killed a snake.
5. He copied my answer.
6. The policeman arrested a robber.
7. We waited but nobody came.
8. The sun shines brightly.
9. Some books were sold.
10. He saw her yesterday.

1. receive - transitive
2. arrive - intransitive
3. smile - intransitive
4. kill - transitive
5. copy - transitive
6. arrest - transitive
7. wait - intransitive
8. shine - intransitive
9. sell - transitive
10. see - transitive

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