Wednesday 27 March 2019

NEET Pre-Medical Biology Quiz: Biomolecules - Set 4 (#NEETQuiz)(#eduvictors)

NEET Biology Quiz: Bio-molecules

(Set -4)
NEET Pre-Medical Biology Quiz: Biomolecules (#NEETQuiz)(#eduvictors)


Q1: Which of the following is a saturated fatty acid?

(a) Oleic Acid
(b) Linoeic Acid
(c) Archidonic Acid
(d) Palmitic Acid

Q2: Essential amino acids include

(a) leucine
(b) valine
(c) tryptophan
(d) all of these

Q3: Many elements are found in living organisms either free or in the form of compounds. One of the following is not found in living organisms.

(a) Silicon
(b) Magnesium
(c) Iron
(d) Sodium

Q4: Glycogen is a homopolymer made up of 

(a) glucouse units
(b) galactose units
(c) ribose units
(d) amono acids

Q5: Enzymes catalyse the biochemical reaction by ________ the activation energy.

(a) lowering
(b) increasing
(c) unaltering
(d) either a or b

Q6: Example of aromatic amino acid is

(a) tryosine
(b) phenylalanine
(c) tryptophan
(d) all of these

Q7: Enzymes are the most functional at temperature range of 

(a) 15 - 25°C
(b) 20 - 30°C
(c) 30 - 50°C
(d) 50 - 60°C

Q8: Primary structure of a protein molecule has

(a) two ends
(b) one end
(c) thre ends
(d) no ends

1: (d) Palmitic Acid
2: (d) all of these
3: (a) Silicon
4: (a) glucouse units
5: (a) lowering
6: (d) all of these
7: (c) 30 - 50°C
8: (a) two ends

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