Friday 12 February 2021

Class 7 Science Annual Question Paper 2020-21(#class7Science)(#eduvictors)

Class 7 Science Annual Question Paper 2020-21

Class 7 Science Annual Question Paper 2020-21(#class7Science)(#eduvictors)

Learning is a continual process. To improve scores, the best way is to learn and practice. Solving question papers help students to evaluate their knowledge and familiarise with different types of question patterns being asked in the examination. 

Eduvictors provides CBSE Previous Year Papers and Sample Question Papers for Class 7 Maths, Science, Social, English, Hindi and Sanskrit with/without solutions to help students in their board exam preparation.

1. Oswaal NCERT & CBSE Question Bank Class 7 Social Science Book 

Here attached Annual Examination Question Paper:


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Answers: (Partial)


1 a: aquifers

2 a: Sand clock

3 b. Pollination

4 b. A symbiotic plant


1: white

2: food web

3: Eutrophication 

4: seed coat


1. Angora - Rabbit

2. Tornado - Fujita scale

3. Tungsten - Electric Bulb

4. Chlorine gas - Disinfectant


1: d. Water vapour 

2: Silkmoth (insect)


1: True

2: False

3: True

4: False (Odometer measures distance)


1: Rabbit: Herbivore

2: Xylem: Water & Minerals

3: Potato: Underground Stem

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