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CBSE Class 10 - Biology - Chapter: Life Processes - Assertion Reasoning Type Questions (#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

Class 10 - Biology Chapter: Life Processes Assertion Reasoning Type Questions 

CBSE Class 10 - Biology - Chapter: Life Processes - Assertion Reasoning Type Questions (#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

From session 2019-20 onwards, CBSE introduces a new pattern of questions which are assertion and reasoning based. 

The questions below consist of statements of an Assertion and a Reason. Use the following key to choose the appropriate answer:

(A) If both assertion and reason are CORRECT and the reason is the CORRECT explanation of the assertion.

(B) If both assertion and reason are CORRECT, but the reason is NOT THE CORRECT explanation of the assertion.

(C) If the assertion is CORRECT, but the reason is INCORRECT

(D) If the assertion is INCORRECT, but the reason is CORRECT

(E) If both assertion and reason are INCORRECT


1. ASSERTION: Molecular movements are needed for life.
REASON: Body structures made up of these molecules need continuous repair and maintenance.

2. ASSERTION: Diffusion does not meet high energy requirements of multi-cellular organisms.
REASON: Diffusion is a fast process but only occurs at the surface of the body. 

3. ASSERTION: The opening and closing of the pore is a function of the guard cells.
REASON: Stomatal pores are the site for exchange of gases by diffusion. 

4. ASSERTION: Saliva contains pepsin enzyme.
REASON: Pepsin digests lipids.

5. ASSERTION: The inner lining of the small intestine has numerous finger-like projections called villi.
REASON: The villi increase the surface area for absorption.

6. ASSERTION: Pyruvate is a six-carbon molecule.
REASON: It is prepared in the cytoplasm as the first step to cellular respiration.

7. ASSERTION: Rings of cartilage are present in the throat. 
REASON: These ensure that the air-passage does not collapse.

8. ASSERTION:  In human beings, the respiratory pigment is haemoglobin.
REASON: It is a type of protein which has high-affinity carbon dioxide.

9. ASSERTION: Arteries are thick-walled and elastic in nature.
REASON: Arteries have to transport blood away from the heart.

10. ASSERTION: The purpose of making urine is to filter out undigested food from intestine.
  REASON: Kidneys filter the waste and produce urine.

1: (A) Body structures are made up of biomolecules and various biochemical activities occur to build new proteins, repair cell organelles, develop new cells etc. Therefore molecular movements are essential for life.

2: (C) Assertion is correct. The reason is incorrect. Diffusion is very slow process and can't meet the energy requirements of multicellular organisms. e.g. If an oxygen molecule travels from lungs to toe by diffusion, it will take 3 years to reach its target site.

3: (B) Both statements are correct but REASON does not explain how guard cells open and close stomatal pores.

4: (E) Both statements are incorrect. Saliva contains salivary amylase which digests starch (carbohydrates).

5. (A) If both assertion and reason are CORRECT and the reason is the CORRECT explanation of the assertion.

6: (D) ASSERTION statement is incorrect. Pyruvate is a 3-carbon molecule.

7: (A) Both statements are correct. Reason explains the assertion statement correctly.

8: (C) Reason is incorrect. Haemoglobin has a high affinity for oxygen.

9: (B) Reason does not explain the assertion statement. Arteries carry blood under pressure, that's why these are thick-walled. 

10: (D) ASSERTION statement is incorrect. Purpose of making urine is to filter out nitrogenous waste from the blood. 

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