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CBSE Class 11 - Business Studies - Chapter 4 - Business Services - Types of Communication Services (#class11BusinessStudies)(#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

Types of Communication Services

Business Studies - Chapter 4 - Business Services
CBSE Class 11 - Business Studies - Chapter 4 - Business Services - Types of Communication Services (#class11BusinessStudies)(#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

It is an important service that helps in establishing links between businessmen. The organization, suppliers, customers etc educates people Widen their knowledge and broaden their outlook II overcomes the problem a! distance between people, businessmen and institutions and thus help in the smooth running of trade. industrial and commercial activities. In this fast-moving and competitive world, it is essential to have advanced technology for quick exchange of information with the help electronic media  The amount of information that a communication medium can carry and the extent to which the medium enables the sender and receiver to reach a common understanding.
The main services can be classified as postal and telecom.

Postal Services: 
Every business sends to outsiders and receives from outsiders several letters, market reports, parcel money order etc. every day. All these services are provided by the post and telegraph offices scattered throughout the country The postal department performs the to following services.

1. Financial Services: 
   They provide postal banking facilities to the general public and mobilize their savings through the
following saving schemes like public provident fund (PPF), Kisari Vikas Palra. National Saving Certificate, Recurring Deposit Scheme and Money Order facility.

2. Mail Services:
The mail services offered by post offices include transmission or messages through postcards, inland letters envelop etc transmission of articles through parcel facility, registration facility and speed post to provide security of transmitted letters and articles and insurance facility to provide insurance cover for various risks in the course of transmission by post.

The various mail services all:

1. UPC (Under Postal Certificate):
When ordinary letters are posted the post place does not issue any receipt. However. it sender wants to have proof then a certificate can be obtained from the postoffice on payment prescribed fee. This paper now serves as a piece of evidence of posting the letters,

2. Registered Post:
Sometimes we want to ensure that our mail is definitely delivered to the addressee otherwise it should come back to us. In such situations, the post office offers registered post facility which serves as a proof that mail has been posted,

3. Parcel:
Transmission of articles from one place to another in the form of parcels is known as parcel post. Postal charges vary according to the weight of the parcels.

Allied Postal Services

1. Greetings Past: Greetings can be sent through post offices to people at different places.

2. Media Past:  Corporates can advertise their brands through postcards. envelops etc.

3. Speed Post: It allows speedy transmission of articles (within 24 hours) to people, in specified cities

4. e-bill Post: The post office collects payment or bills on behalf of BSNL and other organizations.

5. Courier Services: Letters, documents. parcels etc. can be sent through the courier service. It is a private service, the employees work with more responsibility.

Telecom Services:
Today's global business world, the dream at doing business across the world, will remain a dream only in the absence of telecom services. Strong communication is the key to global success.
The various types of telecom services are:

1. Cellular mobile services: Cordless mobile communication device  including voice and non-voice messages, data services and PCO services.

2 Radio Paging Services means of transmitting information to a person even when they are mobile.

3 Fixed Line Services including voice and non-voice messages and data services establishing linkage for long distance traffic.

4 Cable services Linkages and switched services within a licensed area of operation to operate media services which are essentially one-way entertainment related services.

5. VSAT Service (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a Satellite-based communication service. It offers government and business agencies a highly flexible and reliable communication solution in
botri urban and ruralareas.

6 DTH Services (Direct to Home) a Satellite-based media services provided by cellular companies with the help or small dish antenna and a setup box.

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