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Class 8 - Our Pasts III - From Trade to Territory (1 Mark Questions) (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Chapter: From Trade to Territory 

(1 Mark Questions)
Class 8 - Our Pasts III 
Class 8 - Our Pasts III - From Trade to Territory (1 Mark Questions) (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Here is a question bank consists of Very Short Answer based Questions (VSQA) carrying 1 Mark each. 

Q1: Which Portuguese explorer discovered the sea route to India?  

Q2:   Which ruler of England gave permission to the East India Company to establish trade relations with the East?  

Q3:   Who was the last powerful ruler of the Mughal Empire?  

Q4:  When did the East India Company begin to trade with India?  

Q5:  In which year did the Portuguese discover the sea route to India?  

Q6:  Define the word 'factory' in context of the British East India Company.  

Q7:  What is meant by a ' Farman'?  

Q8: Who were the three strong rulers of Bengal?  

Q9: What is Subsidiary Alliance?  

Q10: Write any two reasons that attracted the European trading companies to India.  

Q11: Explain the policy of "Paramountcy".    

Q12:    Who were the "Nabobs"?  

Q13   What was Chauth?  

Q14: Do you agree that Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were broadminded in religious matters?   

Q15: Define "Mercantile".   

Q16: Who was Murshid Quli Khan?  

Q17:  Give the name of Indian rulers who fought at the Battle of Buxar.  

Q18: What was the chief characteristic of the Charter Act of 1833?  

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