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Biology Quiz-5 (AIPMT/NEET/CET) (#biologyquiz)(#eduvictors)

Biology Quiz-5 

Biology Quiz-5 (AIPMT/NEET/CET) (#biologyquiz)(#eduvictors)

Multiple Choice Questions

Q1: A particular species of plant produces light, non sticky pollen in large numbers and its stigma are long and feathery. These modifications facilitate pollination by

(a) Insects
(b) Water
(c) Wind
(d) Animals

Q2: Pentose phosphate pathway is also known as 
(a) EMP Pathway
(b) hexose monophosphate shunt
(c) link reaction
(d) all of these

Q3: Rate of diffusion is affected by 
(a) Permeability of the medium
(b) gradient of concentration
(c) pressure and temperature
(d) all of these

Q4: Trachea divides into primary bronchi at the level of 
(a) 5th thoraic vertebra
(b) 7th cervical vertebra
(c) 1st thoraic vertebra
(d) Diaphragm

Q5: The adjust of pupil of our eye to light intensity is an example of
(a) Eutrophy
(b) Steady State
(c) Adaptation
(d) All of these

Q6: Bacilius ramosus bacterium plays an important role in 
(a) nitrification
(b) ammonification
(c) denitrification
(d) nitrate assimilation

Q7: Bidder's canal can be found in 
(a) frog
(b) cockroach
(c) earthworm
(d) humans

1: (c) Wind
2: (b) hexose monophosphate shunt
3: (d) all of these
4: (a) 5th thoraic vertebra
5: (c) Adaptation
6: (c) denitrification
7: (a) frog

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