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CBSE Class 10 English (Lang. & Lit.) Grammar - Gap Filling Exercises (Cloze Test - Set 5 )(#eduvictors)(#cbseClass10English)

Class 10 English (Lang. & Lit.) Grammar - Gap Filling Exercises 

(Cloze Test - Set 5 )

CBSE Class 10 English (Lang. & Lit.) Grammar - Gap Filling Exercises (Cloze Test - Set 5 )(#eduvictors)(#cbseClass10English)

Complete the paragraph given below by filling in the blanks with the help of options that follow: 

Q1(CBSE 2017):  I met a smart young person ____(a)_____ wanted a ‘selfie’ _____(b)_____ me. So we _____(c)______ on top of a boundary wall

(a)    (i) which (ii) who (iii) whose (iv) whom

(b) (i) with (ii) on (iii) for (iv) to

(c) (i) sit (ii) sits (iii) sat (iv) sitting

Q2: Kites have __(a) ____ long and illustrious history, starting perhaps as _____(b)_____ as 260 B.C. ____(c)____ a Chinese general used it to ____(d)____ an evil emperor.

(a) (i) a, (ii) the, (iii) same, (iv) any
(b) (i) late, (ii) before, (iii) soon, (iv) early
(c) (i) where, (ii) when, (iii) till, (iv) unless
(d) (i) overthrown, (ii) overthem, (iii) overthrow, (iv) overthrows

Q3: Delhi ___(a)___ the capital of India. People from all parts __(b)___ the country and world come to visit Delhi. There ___(c)___ many historical buildings here. Last year I, ___(d)____ Delhi. I also watched ___(e)___ Commonwealth Games 2010. 

(a) (i) was (ii) is (iii) are (iv) being
(b) (i) of (ii) from (iii) for (iv) at
(c) (i) being (ii) are (iii) been (iv) were
(d) (i) visit (ii) visiting (iii) visited (iv) will visit
(e) (i) a (ii) an (iii) the (iv) some

Q4(CBSE 2018): Arteries are vessels that carry blood ___(a)___ the heart to all parts of the body. Blood Pressure is the force of the blood ___(b)___ the walls of the arteries. Blood is pumped ___(c)___ the arteries each time the heart beats. ___(d)___ the heart beats, our blood pressure is at its highest.

(a) (i) by, (ii) from, (iii) with, (iv) upon

(b) (i) pushes, (ii) pushed, (iii) push, (iv) pushing

(c) (i) from (ii) for (iii) to (iv) into

(d) (i) while, (ii) when, (iii) so, (iv) until

Q5(CBSE 2017):  Everyone is not in a position to ___(a)___ the family and start living in a ___(b)___ room on the banks ___(c)___ the Ganga.

(a) (i) leave (ii) leaver (ii) tell (iv) leaving
(b) (i) small (ii) smaller (iii) smallest (iv) little
(c) (i) On (ii) in (iii) of (iv) off

1: (a) who (b) with (c) sat

2: (a) (i) a (b) (iv) early (c) (ii) when (d) (iii) overthrow

3: (a) (ii) is (b) (i) of (c) (ii) are (d) (iii) visited (e) (iii) the

4: (a) (ii) from (b) (iv) pushing (c) (iv) into (d) (ii) When

5: (a) leave (b) smaller (c) of

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