Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Class 12 English - Important Topics For Articles/Speech (2019-2020)(#eduvictors)(#class12English)

Class 12 English - Important Topics For Articles/Speech (2019-2020)

Here are important topics for articles or speeches suggested:

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

2. Advantages and social disadvantages of mobile phones/Social networking sites.
    Staying Vigilant While On Social Media

3. Cyber crime

4. Artificial Intelligence

5. PUB (Games) Addition and Harmful effects on children

6. Need to strengthen measures to curb bullying

7. Demonetisation - Its impact on Indian Society and Economy

8. Plastic Money and Cashless Society

9. Each one, plant some

10. Consumer awareness

11.  Reforms needed in Indian Education system

12. Relevance of Gandhi today

13. Women Empowerment

14. Road rage / underage driving

15. Climate change and role of students in combating it.

16. Forest fires - Curse of nature.

17. Healthy Eating Habits/Importance of balanced diet

18. Dealing with stress

19. Protecting children from abuse and aggression.

20. Cleanliness

22. Back to Nature/Yoga/Health and fitness

23. Conservation of water/other Natural resources

24. Junk Food — Enemy of Health

25. Live Life, Don't Just Exist

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