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Class 7 - Science - Chapter 1: Nutrition in Plants (Worksheet)(#eduvictors)(#cbse2020)(#class7Science)

Chapter 1:  Nutrition in Plants (Worksheet)

CBSE Class 7 - Science

Class 7 - Science - Chapter 1:  Nutrition in Plants (Worksheet)(#eduvictors)(#cbse2020)(#class7Science)

Fill in the Blanks

1. The components of food which are necessary for our body are called _______________.

2. The process of utilization of food by a living organism to obtain energy is called _____________.

3. Green plants synthesise their own food themselves by the process of __________________.

4. Green plants are _________ that is, they make their own food from simpler substances.

5. Organisms that are dependent on others for their nutrition are called ______________________.

6. Green pigment present in leaves of plants is called ____________, it helps in photosynthesis.

7. _________________ are the tiny pores present on the surface of the leaves and are surrounded by guard cells.

8. ___________________ gas is produced during photosynthesis.

9. _______ are the building blocks of an organism.

10. During photosynthesis__________energy is captured by the leaves and stored as food.

11. _________ is said to be the ultimate source of energy.

12. Some organisms live together and share shelter and nutrients, this is called _____________________.

13. A spherical structure located at the centre of the cell called a ________ .

14. The _______ is a type of organelle that contains chlorophyll, which carries photosynthesis process.

15. A jelly-like substance that surrounds a nucleus called the _________.

1: Nutrients.
2: Nutrition
3: photosynthesis
4: autotrophs
5: heterotrophs
6: chlorophyll
7: Stomata
8: Oxygen
9: Cells
10: solar
11: Sun
12: Symbiosis
13: nucleus
14: chloroplast
15: cytoplasm

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