Saturday 7 November 2020

Respiration (Worksheet) - CBSE Class 7 - Science (#class7Science)(#eduvictors)(#biologyforkids)

Respiration (Worksheet) - CBSE Class 7 - Science

Respiration (Worksheet) - CBSE Class 7 - Science (#class7Science)(#eduvictors)(#biologyforkids)

Directions: Fill in the blanks with suitable words

1. Food has ____________ which is released during respiration.

2.  The process of breakdown of food in the cell with the release of energy is called _______________.

3.  When breakdown of glucose occurs with the help of oxygen, it is called ____________.

4.  Organisms, such as yeast, can survive in the absence of oxygen. These are called as ___________.

5.  The taking in of air rich in oxygen into the body is called _______________.

6. During heavy physical exercise when we respire anaerobically and partial breakdown of glucose produces _______ acid, that causes muscle cramps.

7. Breathing involves the movement of the __________ and the rib cage.

8. During inhalation, ribs move ______ and outwards and diaphragm moves _______.

9. The sudden expulsion of air from the nose (without our control over it) due to the irritation of nasal passage, is called _________.

10. When we exhale air, the presence of ____________ gas turns lime water milky.

11. Earthworm breathe through their ________ _______.

12. _________ in fish help them exchange of gases and use oxygen dissolved in water


1. energy
2. cellular respiration
3. aerobic respiration
4. anaerobes
5. inhalation
6. lactic 
7. diaphragm
8. up, down
9. sneezing
10. carbon dioxide
11. moist skin
12. Gills

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