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Biology Quiz - 6 (#NEET)(#premedical)(#AIPMT)(#class12Biology)(#eduvictors)(#class11Biology)(#class12Biology)

Biology Quiz - 6 

Biology Quiz - 6 (#NEET)(#premedical)(#AIPMT)(#class12Biology)(#eduvictors)(#class11Biology)

Q1: Which of the following statements is wrong for viroids?

(a) They cause infections.

(b) Their RNA is of high molecular weight.

(c) They lack a protein coat.

(d) They are smaller than viruses.

Q2: When two homozygous black and white andalusian fowls were crossed, the F1 individuals appeared blue and on selfing produces black, blue and white fowl in the ratio of 1 :2 : 1.This is an example of

(a) dominance 

(b) incomplete dominance

(c) co-dominance 

(d) pleiotropism.

Q3: Virus free plants can be formed by:

(a) Meristem culture

(b) Callus culture

(c) Somatic cell culture

(d) Protoplast fusion

Q4: If mitochondria is absent in mature RBC what will be the source of energy?

(a) TCA

(b) ETS

(c) Link reaction

(d) Glycolysis

Q5: m-RNA is formed by:

(a) Translation

(b) Transcription

(c) Duplication 

(d) Capping

Q6: Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category? 

(a) Tiger tigris, the species

(b) Cuttle fish - mollusk, a class

(c) Humans primata, the family

(d) Housefly Musca, an order

Q7: Which of the following were present in prebiotic soup?

(a) Zn, Fe, Al

(b) Proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids

(c) Vitamins

(4) None of these

Q8: Which gas is present predominantly in biogas?

(a) Methane

(b) Ethane

(c) Butane

(d) Propane

Q9: Fungi are filamentous with the exception of 'X' which is unicellular. Identify X?

(a) Yeast

(b) Albugo

(c) Mucor

(d) Lichen

Q10: Bryophytes do not possess:

(a) Vascular tissue

(b) Gametophyte

(c) Alternation of generation

(d) Spores

Q11: Which of the following is mainly produced by the activity of anaerobic bacteria on sewage? 

(a) Laughing gas 

(b) Propane

(c) Mustard gas 

(d) Marsh gas


1: (c) They lack a protein coat.

2: (b) incomplete dominance

3: (a) Meristem culture

4: (d) Glycolysis

5: (b) Transcription

6: (a) Tiger tigris, the species

7: (b) Proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids

8: (a) Methane

9: (a) Yeast

10: (a) Vascular tissue

11: (d) Marsh gas

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