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CBSE Class 8 Chemistry - Metals and Non-Metals (MCQs) (#class8Chemistry)(#class8Science)(#eduvictors)

CBSE Class 8 Chemistry - Metals and Non-Metals (MCQs) 

CBSE Class 8 Chemistry - Metals and Non-Metals (MCQs)  (#class8Chemistry)(#class8Science)(#eduvictors)

Q1: All metals are solids except: 

(a) Sodium

(b) Calcium

(c) Mercury

(d) Copper

Q2: Which of the following metal does not react with dilute Hydrochloric acid?

(a) Iron

(b) Sodium

(c) Magnesium

(d) Copper

Q3: The metal which is stored in kerosene: 

(a) Phosphorus

(b) Sodium

(c) Calcium 

(d) Copper

Q4: Which is not a property of non-metal, generally?

(a) Ductility 

(b) Gaseous State 

(c) Solid state

(d) Reacts with air

Q5: Sodium metal is stored in :

(a) Oil 

(b) Petrol

(c) Kerosene 

(d) Diesel.

Q6: A reaction in which a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal from its compound in aqueous solution is called a/an ________ reaction.

(a) combination 

(b) displacement 

(c) decomposition 

(d) addition

Q7: When sulphur reacts with oxygen, the oxide formed is ______ in nature. 

(a) alkaline 

(b) neutral

(c) basic 

(d) acidic

Q8: Which of the following is a noble metal?

(a) Gold

(b) Mercury

(c) Sodium

(d) Lithium

Q9: Metals react with sodium hydroxide to produce _________ gas.

(a) Hydrogen

(b) Carbon Dioxide

(c) Oxygen

(d) Carbon Monoxide

Q10 Which non-metal is used in antiseptic?

(a) Mercury

(b) Iodine

(c) Chlorine

(d) Hydrogen

Q11: Which of the following element is mainly used for making electrodes for automobile batteries and for making alloys.

(a) Oxygen

(b) Sodium

(c) Lead

(d) Copper

Q12: Saloni took a piece of burning charcoal and collected the gas evolved in a test tube. Identify the gas?

(a) Oxygen

(b) Hydrogen

(c) Carbon Dioxide

(d) Chlorine

Q13: Name the property of metals which produces ringing sound on hitting.

(a) Ductility

(b) Malleability

(c) High Tensile Strength

(d) Sonorous

Q14: The process of eating away of metals layer by layer due to formation of metal compound on surface is called?

(a) Galvanisation 

(b) Amalgam formation

(c) Corrosion 

(d) Vulcanisation

Q15: Which of the following is a metalloid?

(a) Hydrogen

(b) Potassium

(c) Silicon

(d) Iodine


1: (c) Mercury

2: (d) Copper

3: (b) Sodium

4: (a) Ductility

5: (c) Kerosene

6: (b) displacement 

7: (d) acidic

8: (a) Gold

9: (a) Hydrogen

10: (b) Iodine

11: (c) Lead

12: (c) Carbon Dioxide

13: (d) Sonorous

14: (c) Corrosion 

15: (c) Silicon

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