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Class 12 Biology - Microbes in Human Welfare (MCQs) #biologyquiz #class12Biology #NEET #eduvictors

Class 12 Biology - Microbes in Human Welfare (MCQs)

Class 12 Biology - Microbes in Human Welfare (MCQs) #biologyquiz #class12Biology #NEET #eduvictors

Q1: A common biocontrol agent for the control of plant diseases is

(a) baculovirus 

(b) Bacillus thuringiensis

(c) Glomus 

(d) Trichoderma

Q2: Methanogens do not produce 

(a) oxygen 

(b) methane

(c) hydrogen sulfide 

(d) carbon dioxide

Q3: Conversion of milk to curd improves its nutritional value by increasing the amount of

(a) vitamin-D

(b) vitamin-E

(c) vitamin-B12

(d) vitamin-A

Q4: Primary treatment of sewage is

(a) physical process

(b) biological process

(c) chemical process

(d) biochemical process

Q5: In the sewage treatment, bacterial flocs are allowed to sediment in a settling tank. This sediment is called as

(a) anaerobic sludge 

(b) activated sludge

(c) primary sludge 

(d) secondary sludge

Q6: Which weed has been eradicated by biological control?

(a) Parthenium

(b) Chrysanthemum

(c) Eichhornia

(d) Cactus

Q7: BOD of wastewater is estimated by measuring the amount of 

(a) total organic matter 

(b) biodegradable organic matter

(c) oxygen evolution 

(d) oxygen consumption

Q8: The residue left after methane production from cattle dung is 

(a) burnt 

(b) buried in landfills

(c) used as manure 

(d) used in civil construction.

Q9: Which one of the following is not a nitrogen-fixing organism?

(a) Anabaena 

(b) Nostoc

(c) Azotobacter 

(d) Pseudomonas

Q10: Which one of the following alcoholic drinks are produced without distillation?

(a) Wine 

(b) Whisky

(c) Run 

(d) Brandy


1: (a) baculovirus 

2: (a) oxygen 

3: (c) vitamin-B12

4: (a) physical process

5: (b) activated sludge

6: (d) Cactus

7: (d) oxygen consumption

8: (c) used as manure 

9: (d) Pseudomonas

10: (a) Wine 

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