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Class 12 - Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (Very Short Answer Based Questions - Solved) #class12Biology #biotechnology #eduvictors

Class 12 - Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (Very Short Answer Based Questions - Solved)

Class 12 - Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (Very Short Answer Based Questions - Solved) #class12Biology #biotechnology #eduvictors

Q1. What are Transgenic crops?

Answer: Genetically modified crops that contain or express one or more useful foreign genes are called transgenic crops.

Q2. What are transgenic animals? Give an example.

Answer:  Animals manipulated with the foreign gene and have the ability to express it are transgenic animals. e.g. Rosie, a transgenic cow produced milk containing human alpha-lactalbumin.

Q3. What is BT toxin?

Answer: Bt toxin is an intracellular crystalline protein. It exists as an inactive protoxin that once ingested by an insect, gets activated, binds to the surface of midgut epithelial cells. This causes cell swelling and lysis, leading to the death of an insect.

Q4. What causes the rising of dough?

Answer: Fermentation by yeast produce CO₂ gas that causes the rising of the dough.  


Q5. What is transduction?

Answer: Transduction is the process by which genetic material (DNA) is transferred from one bacterium to another through the mediation of a vector, like a virus.

Q6. Suggest a molecular diagnostic procedure that detects HIV in suspected AIDS patients.

Answer:  PCR and ELISA.

Q7. What is Bio-Piracy?

Answer: Some organizations and multinational companies exploit or patent bioresources of other nations without proper authorization. Indian patent bill is there to prevent such unauthorized exploitation.

Q8. Why do children cured by enzyme-replacement therapy for adenosine deaminase deficiency need periodic treatment?

Answer: As this therapy does not cure the disease completely it requires periodic treatment.

Q9. GEAC is one of the organizations set up by the Indian Government. Write its full form. What are the major objectives served by GEAC?

Answer: GEAC – Genetic Engineering approval committee. Objectives of GEAC

as below:

To make decisions regarding the validity of GM research.

Safety of introducing GMO for public use.

Q10. State the role of C peptide in human insulin.

Answer: C-peptide is an extra stretch of the polypeptide. It makes the insulin inactive.

Q11. What is the role of DNA ligase in the construction of a recombinant DNA molecule?

Answer: DNA ligase, also called genetic gum, helps in the formation of a phosphodiester bond between two DNA fragments.

Q12. Which bacterium was the first to be used as biopesticide on the commercial scale in the world?

Answer: Bacillus thuringiensis

Q13: Would you choose an exonuclease, while producing a recombinant DNA molecule?

Answer:  No, because exonuclease acts on the free ends of linear DNA molecules. Instead of producing DNA fragments with sticky ends, it degrades the DNA fragment containing the gene of interest.

Q14. Why do toxic insecticides proteins secrete by Bacillus thuringiensis kill insects?

Answer: Cry proteins produced by the spores of Bacillus thuringiensis which are toxic when ingested by some insects. 

Q15. Give any two examples of products, how transgenic animals can be used to produce biological compounds?


Alpha-1-antitrypsin – a protein that is used to treat emphysema.

Alpha-lactalbumin – protein – rich milk that is a more nutritionally balanced product for human babies.

Q16. Expand ELISA.

Answer: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. 

Q17. What was the speciality of milk produced by the transgenic cow Rosie?

Answer: Rosie was the first transgenic cow. The milk produced by it was protein-rich. It contained human alpha-lactalbumin. This milk was nutritionally richer and balanced as compared to that of the normal cow. 

Q18. Name a recombinant vaccine that is currently being used in the vaccination program.

Answer: Hepatitis-B recombinant vaccine (Ingenix) is used for vaccination of hepatitis virus.

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