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English Grammar - Transformation of Sentences - Worksheet #class8English #Class9English #Class10English

English Grammar - Transformation of Sentences - Worksheet

English Grammar - Transformation of Sentences - Worksheet #class8English #Class9English #Class10English

A group of words which make complete sense is called a Sentence.

A sentence can be:

1. Assertive / Declarative

2. Interrogative

3. Imperative

4. Exclamatory

1. Declarative sentence - gives information - use period

2. Imperative sentence - a command - use period, though an exclamation point can be used for emphasis

3. Interrogative sentence - asks a question - use a question mark

4. Exclamatory sentence - exclamation or excited utterance - use a exclamation point

Q1: Write statement, question, exclamatory or imperative against each sentence.

1. I wonder if I could use your umbrella.

2. I am so happy to meet you today!

3. Have the curtains been put up?

4. Be careful! It could fall!

5. Let me do it for you.

6. The boy walked home.

7. Is she a student of Arts?


1. Imperative

2. Exclamatory

3. Interrogative 

4. Imperative

5. Imperative

6. Assertive

7. Interrogative

Q2. Convert the following interrogative sentences into assertive without changing their meanings.

1. Did I not help you?

2. Who will not help a man in distress?

3. Shall I ever forget those happy days?

4. : Who does not know that the earth is round?


1. I did help you.

2. Everybody will help a man in distress.

3. I shall never forget those happy days.

4. Everybody knows that the earth is round.

Q3. Convert the following exclamatory sentences into assertive sentences without changing their meanings.

1. How beautiful is morning!

2. O that I were young again!

3. Was any man ever immortal!


1. Morning is very beautiful

2. I wish that I were young again.

3. No man was ever immortal.

Q4. Change the active voice to passive in the following sentences

1. They laughed at him.

2. Police has arrested the thief.

3. The king gave him a reward.

4. The people will elect him Prime Minister.


1. He was laughed at by them

2. The thief has been arrested.

3. He was given a reward by the king


    A reward was given him by King

4. He will be elected Prime Minister (by the people).

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