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Class 12 Informatics Practices - MCQs - Set 1 #cbse2022-23 #eduvictors #class12Python #python #class12IP

 Class 12 Informatics Practices - MCQs - Set 1 

Class 12 Informatics Practices - MCQs - Set 1 #cbse2022-23 #eduvictors #class12Python #python #class12IP

Q1. To get the number of dimensions of a Series object, which attribute is used to display the value?

(a) index 

(b) size 

(c) itemsize 

(d) ndim

Q2. To display last five rows of a series object ‘S’, you may write:

(a) S.Head()

(b) S.Tail(5)

(c) S.Head(5)

(d) S.tail()

Q3. To delete a column from a Dataframe, you may use which of the statement?

(a) remove

(b) del

(c) drop

(d) cancel

Q4. Which of the following can be used to specify the data while creating a DataFrame?

(a) Series

(b) List of Dictionaries

(c) Structured ndarray

(d) All of these

Q5. To add two dataframes values which function is used?

(a) plus

(b) rplus

(c) add

(d) xsum

Q6. Which function from PyPlot is used to create a line chart?

(a) plot()

(b) line()

(c) chart()

(d) plotline()

Q7. __________is the trail of data we leave behind when we visit any website (or use

any online application or portal) to fill-in data or perform any transaction.

(a) Offline phishing

(b) Offline footprint

(c) Digital footprint

(d) Digital phishing

Q8. To suppress the first row as header, whichof the following arguement is to be given in read_csv()?

(a) noheader = True

(b) header = None

(c) skipheader = True

(d) heder = Null

Q9. Which amongst the following is not an example of a browser?

(a) Chrome

(b) Firefox

(c) Avast

(d) Edge

Q10. In SQL, what does DML stand for?

(a) Different Model Level 

(b) Data Model Language

(c) Data Mode Latency 

(d) Data Manipulation language

Q11. In SQL, which function is used to display current date and time?

(a) Now()

(d) Date()

(b) Time()

(c) Current()

Q12. What is the output of the following SQL query 


(a) 9

(b) 10

(c) 11

(d) 1

Q13. Which Legal term describes the rights of a creator of original creative or artistic work?

(a) Copyright

(b) Copyleft

(c) GPL

(d) FOSS

Q14. Which SQL statement do we use to find out the total number of records present in the table ORDERS?





Q15. Out of the following, which function cannot be used for customization of charts in Python?

(a) xlabel()

(b) title()

(c) colour()

(d) xticks()

Q16. Which function is used to save the graph in MatPlotlib>

(a) Savefig()

(b) Savefigure()

(c) Savegraph()

(d) Savechart()

Q17.  ____________is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own:

(a) Plagiarism

(b) Copyright

(c) Patent

(d) All of the above


1. (d) ndim

2. (d) S.tail()

3. (b) del

4. (d) All of these

5. (c) add

6. (a) plot()

7. (c) Digital footprint

8. (b) header = None

9. (c) Avast

10. (d) Data Manipulation language

11. (a) Now()

12. (b) 10

13. (a) Copyright


15. (c) colour()

16. (a) Savefig()

17. (a) Plagiarism

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