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Class 11 English - Chapter : The Summer of the Beautiful White Horset (Assignment) #class11 #cbsenotes #eduvictors

 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse


Class 11 English - Chapter : The Summer of the Beautiful White Horset (Assignment) #class11 #cbsenotes #eduvictors

Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each:

Q1. What traits of the Garoghlanian tribe are highlighted in the story?

Q2. Why did the narrator refer to his “good old days” in the beginning of the story?

Q3. How did the narrator react on seeing the horse and Mourad?

Q4. What two character-traits of Mourad are hinted at by the narrator in the initial part of the story?

Q5. “The distribution of the various kinds of spirit of our tribe had been from the beginning capricious and vagrant.” Elucidate.

Q6. What is the difference between the father of his son’s flesh and the father of his son’s spirit?

Q7. Give a brief account of Mourad’s joy ride.

Q8. How did Aram, the narrator, fare in his solo ride?

Q9. Who was uncle Khosrove? What were some of the notable traits of his character?

Q10. Contrast the two visitors who visited the narrator’s house one afternoon.

Q11. Who was the real owner of the beautiful white horse? How did Aram come to know about him?

Q12. What arguments did John Byro present to prove the usefulness of a horse to a country dweller?

Q13. How did Mourad help the wounded robin to fly? What does this incident indicate?

Q14. “A suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart.” In what context was this observation made and by whom?

Q15. What do you think, induced the boys to return the horse to its owner?

Q16. Describe the meeting of the boys with John Byro when they are on their way to Fetvajian’s vineyard.

Q17. How did Aram define stealing when he had to decide whether or not to ride the horse?

Q18. What was common between Mourad and Aram? In what respect did they differ from each other?

Q19.What change did John Byro notice in his horse after it was returned to him?

Q20. Bring out the significance of the white horse in the story.

B. Answer the following questions in 120-150 words each:

Q1. The narrator’s uncle Khosrove was known to be a crazy fellow. Mention a few instances of his craziness.

Q2. Draw a pen-portrait of Mourad.

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