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CBSE Class 9 English (Comm.) - A Dog Named Duke (Questions and Answers) #class9English #eduvictors

CBSE Class 9 English (Comm.) - A Dog Named Duke (Questions and Answers)

CBSE Class 9 English (Comm.) - A Dog Named Duke (Questions and Answers) #class9English #eduvictors


Q1. With reference to Hooper, the author says, "Every thing was going for him", What does it imply?

(i) He had everything that a man aspires for.

(ii) People admired him.

(iii) He did what he wanted.

(iv) He was capable of playing games. 

Answer: (i) He had everything that a man aspires for.

Q2. Duke never jumped on Chuck again because _____________.

(i) Duke was paralysed and unable to jump

(ii) Chuck was angry with Duke for jumping at him

(iii) Duke realized that Chuck was not well and could not balance himself

(iv) Marcy did not allow Duke to come near Chuck

Answer: (iii) Duke realised that Chuck was not well and could not balance himself.

Q3. The author says that Duke 'knew his job'. The job was _____________.

(i) to look after Chuck

(ii) to get Chuck on his feet

(iii) to humour Chuck

(iv) to guard the house

Answer: (ii) to get Chuck on his feet

Q4. "_______ even Duke's presence didn't reach Chuck ". Why?

(i) Duke was locked in his kennel and Chuck couldn't see him.

(ii) Duke hid himself behind the bed post.

(iii) Duke had come to know that Hooper was not well.

(iv) Hooper was lost in his own grief and pain.

Answer: (iv) Hooper was lost in his own grief and pain.

Q & A

Q5. In 1953, Hooper was a favoured young man. Explain.

Answer: Charles (Chuck) Hooper was a popular young man in 1953. He had everything a man could want. For a chemical company, he was an  energetic zone sales manager. A six-foot-one man who had participated in college football was now happily married to Marcy, a little, blonde woman. He had everything going for him, and his huge broad smile added to his personality.

Q6.  They said that they would create a desk job for Hooper at headquarters.

(i) Who are 'they'?

(ii) Why did they decide to do this?


(i) ‘They’ refer to the seniors of Hooper who were working for the same chemical company Hooper used to work for.

(ii) Hooper had met with an accident and was critically ill suffering from a subdural haemorrhage. He remained on the critical list for a month. After five weeks when the men from his office came to visit him, they told him that they would create a desk job for him at headquarters because they knew his left side was completely paralyzed and he would not be able to move around.

Q7. Duke was an extraordinary dog. What special qualities did he exhibit to justify this? Discuss.

Answer: In the chapter "A Dog Named Duke" by William D. Ellis, Duke exhibited several special qualities that justified his status as an extraordinary dog. Here are some of them:

Loyalty: Duke was extremely loyal to his owner, Hooper Chuck. He never left Chuck's side and would do anything to protect him. 

Intelligence: Duke was a very intelligent dog. He knew how to communicate with Chuck and understood many of his commands. For example, when Chuck was parlaysed and was in his wheelchair, when Duke knew about it and he never jumped at him again.

Sensitivity: Duke had a remarkable sensitivity towards Chuck's emotional state. He could sense when Chuck was upset or in pain.

Determination: Duke was a determined dog. He never gave up on a task, no matter how difficult. For example, when Chuck was trapped in his wheelchair, Duke helped Chuck walk until he walking by himself.

Overall, Duke was an extraordinary dog because of his unwavering loyalty, intelligence, sensitivity and determination. He was more than just a pet to Chuck; he was his companion, helper, and guardian.

Q8. What problems did Chuck present when he returned to the company headquarters?

Answer: Chuck Hooper could not work as he used to do before the accident. He faced problems as he could not move around and working for an hour a day was not sufficient for the job.

Q9. Why do you think Charles Hooper’s appointment as Assistant National Sales Manager can be considered to be a tribute to Duke?

Answer: Hooper's promotion to Assistant National Sales Manager is seen as an homage to Duke because it was made possible by Duke's tenacious efforts. Chuck's success is a suitable tribute to Duke because Duke's persistent efforts made him walk again and revived Chuck from his crippled state.

Q10. ‘Small wins help achieve big goals.’ Support, with evidence from the text, to show how this applies to Chuck.

Answer: The chapter describes Chuck's severe injuries resulting from a car accident, leading him and everyone around him to believe that he would never recover. However, one day Duke helped him stand, giving him a glimmer of hope. Chuck began setting daily targets for himself and achieved small victories such as walking outside his home and between fence posts. These small achievements accumulated over time and ultimately enabled him to attain his major goal of becoming the Assistant National Sales Manager at a chemical company.

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