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Class 12 - Political Science - The End of Bipolarity (Q & A) - Part 1 #class12PoliticalScience #eduvictors

Class 12 - Political Science - The End of Bipolarity (Q & A) - Part 1


Class 12 - Political Science - The End of Bipolarity (Q & A) - Part 1 #class12PoliticalScience #eduvictors


Egalitarian society - 

It believes that all people are equally important and should have the same rights and opportunities in life.

Soviet System – 

Soviet System was introduced after Russian revolution in 1917 based on the principles of egalitarian society and planned economy controlled by the state.

Socialist Bloc - 

The Eastern European countries were known as Socialist bloc because these countries were liberated from the fascist forces and their political and economic systems were based on socialism.

Capitalist Bloc – 

The Western European countries were known as Capitalist bloc as they followed the ideology of capitalism and liberal democracy. In these countries productive assets were owned and controlled by the capitalist.

Unipolar - 

Affairs at international level are dominated by only one superpower.

Multipolar - 

Affairs at international level cannot be dominated by one superpower only instead group of countries play an important role.

Largest Garage Sale - 

It resulted due to Shock Therapy to undervalue the valuable industries of USSR to sell them at throwaway prices.

Commonwealth of Independent States – 

It was a loose confederation formed erstwhile Soviet States of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in 1991, later joined the Central Asian republics.

Coup - 

Illegal takeover of the government by military either through violence or otherwise.

Collective Security System - 

A system in which attack on any one country is regarded as threat to all countries and requires a collective response. 

Glasnost - 

It means openness or democratization of the system where in the citizens were given the right to get full and correct information about public issues.

Perestroika - 

It means restructuring of political, economic and administrative reforms.

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