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Class 10 - English Workbook - Unit 14 - Prepositions

Answer 2b:
  • at one particular time/ particular times in that period - during
  • for the entire period - throughtout
Answer 3: Underline prepositions from A.1 and circle the time period they are referring to.

When the Nalaban Bird Sanctuary was flooded during the monsoons, the
flamingos disappeared temporarily. Some of them were spotted on other
islands in the lake. However, the long-legged birds flew back to the lake
throughout the winter months. A record amount of migration was noticed in
the first week of January.

throughout - right through;
during - concurrently with (some other activity)

Answer 4:

  1. My grandfather is always complaining ___about__ the pain in his back.
  2. The pilot blamed his colleague __for_ losing their way.
  3. An infant depends _upon_ its mother for food.
  4. He is worried __about___ his bad results.
  5. They're very fond __of_ tennis.
  6. You were absent _from_ the Science Club yesterday.
  7. I was angry _with_ my brother for breaking my tape recorder. (Note:angry with a person, angry at a thing)

5. Take five different prepositions from the chart in A.1. Then write five sentences containing one each of those prepositions on a piece of paper. But leave out the prepositions in each. Then hand your piece of paper to a partner. She/ he must complete your sentences, using the correct prepositions.

Answer 5:
  1. I could not see the movie because the woman __________ me was wearing a big hat.
    (in front of)
  2. There is a bridge ______ the river. (across)
  3. You should maintain a positive attitude ______ your work. (towards)
  4. It is raining ________ the whole country. (throughout)
  5. She fell asleep ________ the lecture. (during)

Answer 6:
a) Since Raju is clever __at___ painting, he should join an art academy.
b) They accused their neighbours _for__ dumping garbage in front of their house.
c) The students agreed _to__ their teacher's suggestion regarding the choice of place for an excursion.
(Note: agree with a person, agree to a proposal)
d) He had to leave the firm because his superiors did not agree __with_ him on many issues.
e) We should abide _by_ the constitution of our country.
f) All the furniture in my office is made _of_ wood.
g) Sugar is made _from__ sugar beat and sugar cane.
(Note: When thing prepared keeps the original form, we use made of. When a thing does not keep the original form, we use made from.)
h) The two countries entered _into___ an agreement to increase bilateral trade. (Note: to enter into means to participate in or to become a party to a contract.)
i) Though Rahul does not like his rather imperious uncle, he tries to be polite _to__ him.
(Note: polite to person, polite in manner)
j) The principal congratulated the school basketball team _on__ their success in the inter school tournament. (Note: congratulate on success)

Answer 7:
a) It is essential that we discuss about your proposal before reaching any decision.
(Note: discuss means talk about).
b) The class fell silent as the teacher entered into the classroom.
c) I have been living here since for four years.
(note: since indicates beginning of time, for indicates duration or length of time.)
d) The tournament will be held between from Monday to Friday.
e) Rani closely resembles to her maternal aunt.
f) f) As the train was approaching to the station, someone pulled the chain and brought it to a halt.
g) Connectors are also called as discourse markers.

Study sentences (a), (b), (e), (f) and (g). What conclusion can you draw from these examples about the correct use of prepositions?

Answer: The verbs in these statements do not require prepositions.

8. Read the following sentences in which prepositions occur before particular words and expressions.
a) Let's go in the car instead of by bus.
b) Seen from his point of view, the proposal seems quite reasonable.

Now fill appropriate prepositions in the blanks to compete the following sentences.

a) ________ my opinion, he should have accepted the offer.
b) Who is the woman _________ a dark red saree?
c) Is there any good show _________ the TV tonight?
d) The old man would have died if he had not been taken to the hospital _______ time.
e) The Chairman of the Board wanted the meeting to start exactly ________ time.

Answer 8:
a) In
b) in
c) on
d) on
e) on

9. Pilloo has always had problems with prepositions. Edit this letter for him. Delete the incorrect prepositions and/ or insert the correct one wherever you think it is necessary. (There are eight mistakes altogether.)

Answer 9:

Anand Bhawan
27 January 2011

Dear Binod

I must say time really flies! Because of lack of time, I couldn't write to you earlier.
The great news is that Anil is marrying with a Sikkimese girl. I must say he's a lucky guy!
Reena wasn't too happy for about it and Anil was very rude with to her. He said he didn't care for about her opinion. She wasn't nice with to me either.

I've had no time for practice so I'm not taking part at in the Athletics meet. I'm no good
at either the high jump or the long jump and going there without practice would
make it worse.
Yes, do write to Yak and Yeti Travels asking for details from about their special offer. If it's
within our budget, it'll be a great holiday. Write when you can.



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