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CBSE - Class 10- English (Comm.) Workbook - Integrated Grammar Practice 3

Gutenberg who invested Typography

Integrated Grammar Practice 3

Q1: Read this telephone conversation between two friends and complete the passage given below.

Sunil : Where have you been? I've called you six times.
Rajeev : I was cleaning my room.
Sunil : You couldn't stop cleaning to answer your phone?
Rajeev : I was cleaning my room so I could find the phone!

Sunil telephoned his friend Rajeev and inquired (a) _where he had been__adding that (b) _he called six times_. Rajeev replied that. (c) _he was cleaning his room_. An angry Sunil wanted to know if (d)_he couldn't stop cleaning_to which Rajeev replied that (e) _he was cleaning so he could find the phone_.

Q2: Edit the Notice given below by choosing the appropriate options from the list given. Write the correct answer in the answer sheet against the correct blank number.

16th March 2007

The Social Service Club of the school (a) _______________________________
clean the surroundings near the school (b) ______________________________.
This will include (c) ______________________________ through talks and skits.
Students of senior wing (d) _______________________________ may give their
names to the undersigned during Break today in Room No. 102. For details
Head Girl

(i) is launching a Cleanliness Drive to
(ii) is launched a Cleanliness Drive for
(iii) was launching a Cleanliness Drive to
(iv) has launched a Cleanliness Drive for

(i) for a fortnight from 19th March
(ii) within a fortnight on 19th March
(iii) in a fortnight from 19th March
(iv) for a fortnight on 19th March

(i) to clean the area and to start an awareness campaign
(ii) cleaning the area and starting an awareness campaign
(iii) cleaning the area and to start an awareness campaign
(iv) to cleaning the area and for starting an awareness campaign

(i) who are wishing to participating in the drive
(ii) who wishes to participate in the drive
(iii) who wish to participate in the drive
(iv) that wish to participated in the drive

Q3: Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences as shown.

0.    lavish tombs/pyramids/Egyptians/only/other/for royalty/highranking/and/people/built/ and

Egyptians built lavish tombs and pyramids only for royalty and other highranking people

1. only if/that/Egyptians/could/were preserved/believed/the spirits of dead people/live on/their bodies/the ancient

The ancient Egyptians believed that the spirits of dead people could live on only if their bodies were preserved.

2. making them/preserved/dead bodies/so/they/by/into mummies/ the

⇒  So, they preserved the dead bodies by making them into mummies.

3. dried-out bodies/wrapped/in linen bandages/were

⇒  Dried-out bodies were wrapped in linen bandages.

4. Egyptians/the ancient/securely/inside pyramids/the mummies/buried

The ancient Egyptians buried the mummies securely inside pyramids.

Q4. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied as shown.


Error            Correction
A curious thing about the developed ofdeveloped development
a motion picture is that the first groups of    groups group
people who made it possible wasn't interestedwasn'tweren't
in movies at all! The first inventions were make bymake made
men who wanting to study the movement of animals.        wanting want
Even Thomas Edison, which perfected a devicewhich who
called 'kinetoscope' in 1893, think of itthink thought
only as a curiosity. But there were another peopleanother other
who saw great possibilities with entertainmentwith of
in this invention and they began to make movies.

Q5: Complete the passage by choosing the correct options from those given below.

With (a) ______________ traffic and poor facilities, pedestrians (b) ______________ to be the most vulnerable to fatal accidents (c) ______________ road users. Even though in the last six years the number of pedestrian subways in the city (d) ______________ almost doubled, most of them are neither well maintained (e) ______________ well designed. As a result pedestrians avoid (f) ______________ them. (g) ______________, the police say this should not be a reason (h)
______________ people to avoid subways.

(i) increasing
(ii) increase
(iii) are increasing               
(iv) to increase

(i) seems
(ii) are seeming
(iii) seem
(iv) seemed

(i) between
(ii) amongst
(iii) in between
(iv) beside

(i) have
(ii) has been
(iii) have been                   
(iv) has

(i) or not
(ii) nor
(iii) and
(iv) none

(i) uses
(ii) to use
(iii) used
(iv) using

(i) Nonetheless
(ii) Therefore
(iii) Hence
(iv) Similarly

(i) for
(ii) of
(iii) about
(iv) with

Q6: In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. In your answer sheet write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.

When the Class IX examinations over, the Deputy    (a)examinations were over
Commissioner asked his son he had done his               (b)     son whether he
English paper well. The boy told him that was easy              (c) that it was
and that for one question had written that his(d)question he had
father was washerman. The boy's father shouted(e)was a washerman
angrily but son replied, "I did not know the(f)but the son
spelling Deputy commissioner and I did not want(g)spelling of Deputy
to one mark."(h)to lose one


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