Saturday 30 June 2012

Comparitive Idioms

Comparative Idioms

While comparing two things, we use expressions like 'as ... as', these expressions are called comparative idioms. Generally used to reflect personality type of a thing or a person.

1.  As bitter as gall
2.  As black as coal
3.  As blind as a bat
4.  As bold  as a lion

5.  As brave as a lion
6.  As bright as the day
7.  As brisk as a butterfly
8.  As brittle as a glass
9.  As busy  as a bee
10. As changeable as the moon
11. As cheerful as a lark
12. As clear as crystal
13. As cold as ice
14. As cunning as a fox
15. As dark as night
16. As deaf as a post 
17. As dry as dust
18. As dumb as a statue
19. As easy as A.B.C.
20. As fair as a rose
21. As fast as a hare
22. As fierce as a tiger
23. As firm as a rock
24. As free as the air
25. As fresh as a rose
26. As Gay as a lark
27. As gentle as a lamb
28. As good as gold
29. As graceful as a swan
30. As grave as a judge
31. As greedy as a wolf
32. As green as grass
33. As happy as a king
34. As hard as a stone
35. As hoarse as a crow

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