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Integrated Grammar Practice 4 - (CBSE Class 10 English Comm Workbook) #eduvictors

Integrated Grammar Practice 4

1. Given below are Reena's notes from her trip to Fatehpur Sikri. Use this information to complete the paragraph by choosing the correct options.

The imperial city of Mughal empire between 1571-1584-built by Mughal emperor Akbar-buildings blend of Islamic and Hindu styles-general layout and concept: Islamic-actual buildings show Hindu influence especially Gujarat and Rajasthan

Fatehpur Sikri (a) ________________ Mughal dynasty between 1571 and 1584. It (b)__________  Akbar, and is one of a kind. The buildings within Fatehpur Sikri (c) ________________________ architectural traditions.
Though the general layout of the buildings (d) _______________________, the actual buildings (mainly palaces), their ornate columns, arches, carving style, etc. (e) ________________________ Gujarat and Rajasthan.


(i) was the Imperial city of the ✓
(ii) is the Imperial city of the
(iii) was an Imperial city of
(iv) has been an Imperial city of the

(i) was being built by the
(ii) has been built by
(iii) got built by the
(iv) was built by ✓

(i) are a blend of Islamic and Hindu ✓
(ii) are blended with Islamic and Hindu
(iii) is blended of Islamic and Hindu
(iv) is a blend of Islamic and Hindu

(i) is conforming to the Islamic styles of architecture
(ii) conforms to the Islamic style of architecture ✓
(iii) in conforming to the Islamic style of architecture
(iv) are conforming to the Islamic style of architecture

(i) show a Hindu influence specially that of ✓
(ii) shows an Hindu influence specially from
(iii) showed the Hindu influence of
(iv) show a particular Hindu influence of

2. Complete the passage by choosing the correct options from those given below.

Legends will tell you that flamingoes are (a) _________ ordinary visitors to Kutch. They were the honoured guests of King Lakho and he (b) _________ the hunting of flamingoes that (c) _________ to Kutch from various parts of the world every year to breed. For centuries the region (d) _________ a haven for this migratory bird. Flamingo City, an island in the middle of the Rann of Kutch,
(e) _________ the world over as one of the biggest breeding grounds of the Greater Flamingo, (f) _________ with bodies of hundreds of flamingo chicks. The parents of these chicks (g) _________ the island due to lack of food.

(i) no ✓
(ii) not
(iii) just
(iv) an

(i) has forbidden
(ii) forbade
(iii) forbidden
(iv) had forbidden ✓

(i) comes
(ii) are coming
(iii) came ✓
(iv) come

(i) has been ✓
(ii) was
(iii) have been
(iv) is

(i) knows
(ii) was known ✓
(iii) are knows
(iv) known

(i) is strewn ✓
(ii) are strewn
(iii) strewn
(iv) has strewn

(i) fled
(ii) have fled ✓
(iii) has fled
(iv) are fled

3. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences as shown.

spent/ trying / years/ to perfect/ Elias Howe/ a sewing machine
Elias Howe spent years trying to perfect a sewing machine.

he/ that/ had been/ by / captured/ one night/ a tribe/ dreamed/ he
1. One night he dreamed that he had been captured by a tribe.

told/ would have to/ he/ he/ to produce/ was/ in a day/ the sewing machine

2.He was told that he would have to produce the sewing machine in a day.

speared/ could not/ if/ he/ would be/ he/ by/ the tribe

3. If he could not he would be speared by the tribe.

suddenly/ he/ Howe/ as/ woke up/ to/ the solution/ saw/ his/ problem

4. Howe suddenly woke up as he saw the solution to his problem.

4. Read the comic strip and complete the passage given below.


Neha asked Naina (a) _if she had enjoyed her holiday in  London. Naina replied that she had enjoyed herself only in parts as (b) it had been really very cold there. Then Neha wanted to know (c) if she had seen any famous places there. To this Naina replied that (d) she had seen number of interesting places although (e) she wished it had rained a little less there.

5. Given below is a set of rules from the Rule Book of APM School, Jodhpur. Purnima, Head Girl of the school writes a set of instructions for the school notice board using these. Write the instructions for Purnima in Passive Voice in the space provided.

  • Do not bring motorised vehicles to school
  • Do not park your cycles at the entrance
  • Return the library books within a week
  • Do not walk in the front lawns
  • Senior students should not go to the Primary Wing without permission.
Students are hereby informed that they (a) will not be allowed to bring motorised vehicles to school as they do not have valid licences for driving as yet. They are also (b) not allowed to park your cycles at the entrance at the front entrance but must go to the cycle stand. The library books (c) must be returned within a week of issue as other students may also require them. No student (d) is allowed  to walk about or run in the front lawn. Senior students (e) are not allowed to go to the Primary Wing without permission.

6. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in you answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.


Two teenagers broke into grocery shop       into a grocery
In 1984. The two boys located what they thought the            thought was the
cash box, dragged it from the wall, ran off.wall, and ran
When the box started ringing loudly, triedloudly, they tried
hitting it a heavy iron bar. Despite theirit with a heavy
attempts to stop noise they had to throwstop the noise
the box away. They stolen the burglar alarm.They had stolen
Now they are police custody. are in police


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