Monday 2 July 2012

Class 9 - Unit ObjectiveTest - Science - The Matter in Our Surroundings

Objective Test 

Q1: Fill in the blanks

a. The process of ________ causes cooling.
b. The process of cooling glass is known as ____.
c. Liquids have no fixed ______ but have fixed _____.
d. ____ exists in all three states of matter.
e. Carbon dioxide is a white solid called _____ at temperature below ______.

Q2: State True or False
a. Evaporation of water is a bulk phenomenon.
b. Diffusion takes place in haphazard and random way.
c. SI unit of pressure is Pascal.
d. A gas is highly incompressible fluid.
e. Solids and liquids can be identified from their characteristic melting and boiling points.


Q3: Zig-zag movement of the solute particle in a solution is known as 
(a) Linear motion
(b) Circular motion
(c) Brownian motion
(d) Curved motion.

Q4: Gases can be liquified by 
(a) increasing pressure
(b) decreasing temperature
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) decreasing pressure

Q5: Density of a substance is defined as
(a) ratio of mass and volume
(b) product of mass and volume
(c) ratio of mass and temperature
(d) product of mass and temperature

Q6: Which of the following is not matter
(a) Blood
(b) Humidity
(c) Electron
(d) Moon rock

Q7: Which is more effective in cooling?
(a) Ice at 0° C
(b) Water at 0° C
(c) Water at 100° C
(d) Ice at 100° C

Q8: 0° C temperature is equal to
(a) 0 K
(b) 273 K
(c) -273 K
(d) 300 K

Q9: The process involving the change of state from solid to gas is called
(a) melting
(b) boiling
(c) sublimation
(c) fusion


1(a) : evaporation
  (b) : annealing
  (c) : no fixed shape but fixed volume.
  (d) : mass
  (e) : dry ice, -78.6 ° C

2(a) False (Evaporation occurs at surface only, boiling is a bulk phenomenon)
  (b) True
  (c) True
  (d) False (gases are highly compressible)
  (e) True (but with exceptions e.g. Na and K are solids but have low melting points, even less than water)

3: (c) Brownian motion
4: (c) both (a) and (b)
5: (a) ratio of mass and volume
6: (b) Humidity
7: (a) Ice at 0° C
8: (b) 273 K
9: (c) sublimation


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  2. Hey unknown the si unit of pressure is pascal for ur kind information

  3. Ur questions are brilliant and I solve all correctly

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  5. how humidity is not a matter?

    1. Beoz... humidity is not a factor of evaporation

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