Wednesday 11 July 2012

Plurals with Different Meanings

Some Nouns have same meaning in singular form but have different meanings in plural form.

A few are listed here:

  1. Hues
  2. Regiment (unit of army)
  1. Magnetic compasses used for navigation
  2. Instruments used in geometry

  1. habits (e.g. Farmers of Punjab have customs to celebrate Baisakhi.)
  2. duties or taxes levied on imports (You have to pay heavy customs duty if you import diamonds).
  1. A checker game
  2. Currents of air
  1. Results
  2. Goods or personal property.
  1. powers (e.g. The forces of nature)
  2. Organised group of men (e.g. police forces, armed forces.)
  1. Glasses (vessels) for drinking water
  2. Spectacles
  1.  land (e.g. play ground)
  2.  reasons (e.g. You have no moral grounds to complain.)
  1. alphabets
  2. literature, epistles
  1. methods, ways, customs
  2. behaviour
  1.  Spaces of time
  2. recording of a meeting.
  1. Fourth parts (usually used with currency coins)
  2. lodgings. (e.g. R. K Puram is a colony of government quarters.)

  1. souls
  2. liquor
  3. moral attitude (e.g. in high spirits).

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