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CBSE Class 7 - Geography - Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
(NCERT Solution and Q & A)
natural vegetation and wild life
Q1(MCQ): Mosses and Lichens are found in:
(a) Deserted Vegetation
(b) Tropical evergreen forest
(c) Tundra vegetation

Q2(MCQ): Thorny bushes are found in:

(a) Hot and humid tropical climate
(b) Hot and dry deserted climate
(c) Cold polar climate

Q3(MCQ): In tropical evergreen forest, one of the common animals is:

(a) Monkey
(b) Giraffe
(c) Camel

Q4(MCQ): One important variety of coniferous forest is:

(a) Rosewood
(b) Pine
(c) Teak

Q5(MCQ): Steppe grassland is found in

(a) S. Africa
(b) Australia
(c) Russia

Q6(MCQ): Which forests are popularly known as the 'Orchards of the world' ?

(a) Temperate Evergreen Forests
(b) Mediterranean Forests
(c) Temperate Deciduous Forests

Q7(MCQ): Which forests are considered 'the lungs of the earth' ?

(a) Tropical evergreen forest in Brazil
(b) Temperate Deciduous of New Zealand
(c)  Tropical Deciduous Forests of India

1: (c) Tundra vegetation
2: (b) Hot and dry deserted climate
3: (a) Monkey
4: (b) Pine
5: (c) Russia
6: (b) Mediterranean Forests
7: (a) Tropical evergreen forest in Brazil

Q8: Which are the two factors on which the growth of vegetation mostly depends?

Answer: Temperature and moisture. Other factors are: slope and thickness of soil.

Q9: Which are the three broad categories of natural vegetation?

  1. Forests
  2. Grasslands
  3. Scrubs and Shrubs

Q10: Name the two hardwood trees commonly found in tropical evergreen forest.

Answer: rosewood, ebony, mahogany

Q11: In which part of the world tropical deciduous forest is found?

Answer:  The large part of India,northern Australia and in central America

Q12: In which climatic conditions, citrus fruits cultivated?

Answer: Hot dry summers and mild rainy winters.

Q13: Mention the uses of coniferous forest.

  1. manufacturing paper and newsprint
  2. making match boxes and packing boxes
  3. lumbering
  4. decoration (Christmas trees)

Q14: In which part of the world is seasonal grassland is found?

Answer: Most of the Temperate grasslands found in mid-latitudinal zones and in the interior part of the continents are seasonal grassland. Usually grass is short and depends on amount of rainfall.

Q15: Give reasons.
(i) The animals in polar region have thick fur and thick skin.
(ii) Tropical deciduous trees shed their leaves in the dry season.
(iii) The type and thickness of vegetation changes from place to place.

(i) The animals in polar region have thick fur and thick skin to protect themselves from the extreme cold climatic conditions.

(ii) Tropical deciduous trees shed their leaves in the dry season to conserve water.

(iii) The type and thickness of natural vegetation varies from place to place because of the variation of factors like temperature, moisture, slope and thickness of soil.

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