Friday 7 December 2012

CBSE Class 10 - CH4 - Carbon and Its Compounds (MCQs)

Carbon and Its Compounds

Q1: Which of the following is an odd compound?

(a) Ethene
(b) Ethane
(c) Propene
(d) Acetylene

Q2: Which one of the following is an unsaturated hydrocarbon?

(a) Acetylene
(b) Butane
(c) Propane
(d) Decane

Q3: Two neighbours of homologous series differ by

(a) -CH
(b) -CH2
(c) -CH3
(d) -CH4

Q4: General formula of alkyne is

(a) CnH2n+2
(b) CnH2n
(c) CnH2n-2
(d) CnHn

Q5: Which of the following represents alkynes?

(a) -C−C-
(b) -C=C-
(c) -C≡C-
(d) none of these

Q6: Which of the following represents ketones?

(a) -C=O(b) -OH
(c) -CHO
(d) -COOH

Q7: Which of the following is not an aliphatic hydrocarbon?

(a) ethene
(b) ethane
(c) propyne
(d) benzene

Q8: Complete combustion of a hydrocarbon gives

(a) CO + H2O
(b) CO2+ H2O
(c) CO + H2
(d) CO2 + H2

Q9: Which is NOT correct for isomers of a compound?

(a) they differ in physical properties
(b) they differ in chemical properties
(c) they have same molecular formula
(d) they have same structural formula

Q10: Buckminsterfullerene is an example of _______ of carbon

(a) an isomer
(b) an isotope
(c) an allotrope
(d) a functional group

Q11: Who prepared urea the first time by heating ammonium cynate?

(a) Wöhler
(b) Lavosier
(c) Fuller
(d) Habër

Q12: Butanone is a four-carbon compound with the functional group
(a) carboxylic acid.
(b) aldehyde.
(c) ketone.
(d) alcohol.

Q13: Major constituent of LPG is _________.

(a) ethene
(b) butane
(c) propane
(d) pentane

Q14: The gas used in welding and cutting metals is

(a) ethyne
(b) ethene
(c) ethane
(d) propene

1: (b) Ethane
2: (a) Acetylene
3: (b) -CH2 
4: (c) CnH2n-2

5: (c) -C≡C-
6: (a) -C=O
7: (d) benzene

8: (b) CO2+ H2O
9: (d) they have same structural formula
10: (c) an allotrope
11: (a) Wöhler
12: (c) ketone
13: (b) butane
14: (a) ethyne


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