Thursday 6 December 2012

CBSE Class 10 - Proficiency Test Paper 2012 (English -Vocabulary) Solution

Proficiency Test Paper 2012 (English -Vocabulary) Solution
You may download 2012 Proficiency Test Paper English from CBSE website
Q(1-5): Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in bold:

1. abandon

(a) leave ✓
(b) forget
(c) sacrifice
(d) adopt

2. advocate

(a) fight
(b) support ✓
(c) approve
(d) suggest

3. conclude

(a) summarize
(b) challenge
(c) finish✓
(d) define

4. distribute

(a) divide✓
(b) scatter
(c) throw
(d) spread

5. focus

(a) concentrate ✓
(b) attend
(c) direct
(d) converge

Q(6-10): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word in bold:

6. appreciate

(a) criticize ✓
(b) condemn
(c) underestimate
(d) dislike

7. assemble

(a) disperse ✓
(b) divide
(c) depart
(d) separate

8. explicit
(a) plain
(b) suggestive
(c) indirect
(d) vague ✓

9. minimum
(a) largest
(b) optimal
(c) maximum ✓
(d) highest

10. previous

(a) afterwards
(b) later
(c) next ✓
(d) latter

(Questions 11-20) Choose the word closest in meaning to the one underlined in the sentence:

11. Entry to the fort is forbidden.

(a) secret
(b) difficult
(c) dangerous
(d) not allowed ✓

12. The Peacock Throne was really splendid.

(a) luxurious
(b) grand ✓
(c) great
(d) expensive

13. Is it necessary to do warm-up exercises before the match?

(a) important
(b) useful
(c) compulsory ✓
(d) helpful

14. Who is responsible for this state of affairs?

(a) to reply✓  (means answerable)
(b) to take care
(c) to blame
(d) to accuse

15. The officer tried to implement changes in the existing system

(a) improve
(b) adapt
(c) commit
(d) execute ✓

16. Do you intend to work during the vacation?

(a) plan ✓
(b) think
(c) hope
(d) arrange

17. Most people admire sports stars.

(a) love
(b) respect
(c) look up to ✓
(d) defend

18. The house needs extensive repairs

(a) expensive
(b) exclusive
(c) urgent
(d) wide-ranging

19. Due to the confusion, people began to run out of the hall.

(a) fear✓ (if there is lack of order, people will not run out).
(b) crowding
(c) lack of order
(d) noise

20. The man died due to excessive bleeding.

(a) extra✓ (beyond limit)
(b) continuous
(c) constant
(d) rapid

(Questions 21 - 30) Choose the correct option to fill in the blank:

21. He is _________ to have won the lottery.

(a) fortunate✓
(b) clever
(c) wise
(d) hopeful

22. You may be asked to _____ your actions.

(a) claim
(b) tell
(c) justify✓
(d) resolve

23. Let us play the game in the right _________.

(a) way
(b) spirit ✓
(c) direction
(d) feeling

24. I hope the committee will _________ of the plan.

(a) allow
(b) consider
(c) approve ✓ (preposition approve of an action)
(d) agree

25. All the students were __________ by his jokes.

(a) amused ✓
(b) happy
(c) cheerful
(d) enjoyed

26. Your license is not ________ after this month.

(a) valid ✓
(b) clear
(c) approved
(d) applied

27. The landlord ________ the agreement with his tenant.

(a) began
(b) terminated ✓
(c) completed
(d) composed

28. She ___________ her income by giving on-line lessons.

(a) added
(b) supported
(c) assisted
(d) supplemented✓ (it means added on)

29. The poor child lay _____ in the bushes.

(a) seized
(b) cursed
(c) scattered
(d) abandoned ✓

30. Why did you _____ in their business ?

(a) interrupt
(b) interfere ✓
(c) involve
(d) obstruct


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