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CBSE Class 9 - Eng. Comm. Workbook - Integrative Grammar Practice 4


Q1: Study the following sentences. Select the one underlined word which is incorrect. Write the incorrect answer in the boxes provided. One has been done as an example.

e.g. The National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C., is one of the world's greatest museums.

a) Millions of people had entered its doors to see the paintings by some of the world's finest artists.
had  (It should be 'have entered'.)

b) But if, those priceless masterpieces are to be preserved, the gallery must protected them carefully.
protected (correction: protect)

c) The 150 guards have successively prevented damage and theft.
and (correction: or)

d) But, protecting the paintings from nature was a greater problem.
was (correction:is)

Q2: Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one is done for you as an example. Write the answers in your answer sheet.

are / the / dreams scenarios/picture perfect houses/not a speck of dust/and no cobwebs ever/with a wrinkle free bed cover/on the shelves

Picture perfect houses with a wrinkle-free bedcover, not a speck of dust on the shelves and no cobwebs ever are dream scenarios.

(a) of its residents/becomes a/it reflects/a house/the personality/home when
(a) _A house becomes a home home when it reflects the personality of its residents.__

(b) has to look/no rules/how our/there are/as to/home
(b) _There are no rules as to how our home has to look.__

(c) thing is/ inhabiting them/should enjoy/the important/that we
(c) _The important thing is that we should enjoy inhabiting them.___

(d) about/houses are/our lives/personal statements
(d) _House are personal statements about our lives.__

(e) the confidence/in ourselves/they reflect/we have
(e) _They reflect the confidence we have in ourselves.__

(f) we have/will be/the more/ individualistic/confidence/the more/our homes
(f) _The more confidence we have the more individualistic will be our homes.___

Q3: Complete the following passage on Dance by choosing the correct word from the given options. The first one has been done for you.

The fact that dance (a) __is__ an art form is a well known fact. (b) _________ dance as a therapy is not known (c) _________ many. Dance therapy involves a synthesis of the grace and vigour (d)_________ Indian classical and folk dance movements into (e) _________ innovative and holistic therapy. It brings (f) _________ the inner feelings (g) _________ the participants and can help them (h)_________ develop a healthy personality.


(a) (i) is ✓              (ii) been                   (iii) as                (iv) being
(b) (i) For               (ii) Although           (iii) But✓           (iv) While
(c) (i) by                 (ii) to✓                    (iii) in                (iv) about
(d) (i) on                 (ii) in✓                    (iii) of               (iv)into
(e) (i) the                (ii) a                         (iii) an✓            (iv) as
(f) (i) in                  (ii) of                        (iii) over           (iv) out✓
(g) (i) about            (ii) for                      (iii) in               (iv) of✓
(h) (i) with              (ii) in                       (iii) to✓            (iv) into

Q4: Use the information in the headlines to complete the sentences. Choose the correct option from those given.

(a) Women Rescue Child
Two brave women of Rampur village ________________________________________ kidnapped by his father's distant relative.

(i) have rescued a child who has been 

(ii) have rescued a child who was being
(iii) rescued a child who had been

(iv) rescued a child who was 

(b) Two killed in Collision
Two passengers travelling in a car died _____________________________________. The driver of the truck is absconding.

(i) after their collision of a truck 

(ii) in a collision with a truck
(iii) after their car collided in a truck 

(iv) when their car collided with a truck ✓

(c) Ban on SmokingSmoking _________________________________________________in all public places.

(i) has been banned ✓
(ii) is being banned
(iii) banned
(iv) was banned

(d) Old Building Demolished.Keeping in mind the dilapidated condition of ________________________________ yesterday.

(i) the building, it was demolish
(ii) the building, it was demolished (iii) the building, it has been demolished
(iv) the building, it will be


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    1. Hi, It is link for the solution of the Exercises of English Communicative WorkBook and for those who can't do it...

    2. Hi, It is link for the solution of the Exercises of English Communicative WorkBook and for those who can't do it...

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  6. in Q4.,(b) Two killed in collision, the answer should have been (ii)

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