Thursday 20 December 2012

CBSE Class 9 - PSA Quiz (English)

PSA Quiz (English)

Q1:  The hypocritical minister spoke about the need to save diesel, but drove around in a big SUV. 'Hyocritical' stands for ______________.

(a) highly moral
(b) non sincere
(c) arrogant
(d) sincere

Q2: She has an insatiable love for dancing. 'insatiable' stands for ____________

(a) unquenchable
(b) stubborn
(c) undesirable
(d) voracious

Q3: Impossible is related to Feasible in the same way Theoretical is related to ____________

(a) Radical
(b) Usable
(c) Workable
(d) Practical

Q4: Testimony is to prejury as

(a) crime is to implication
(b) property is to vandalism
(c) reputation is to testify
(d) cheating is to malpractice

Q5: Reading : Knowledge :: Work : ?

(a) Experience
(b) Engagement
(c) Employment
(d) Experiment

Q6: Errata : Books :: Flaws : ?

(a) Manuscripts
(b) Speech
(c) Furniture
(d) Metals

Q7: I think you are talking apples and oranges and I don't think you can consider it an urban issue. 'Apple and oranges" means ________.

(a) comparing completely different things
(b) comparing very similar things
(c) selling and buying fruits
(d) talking unnecessarily

Q8: The Britishers had been ipso facto the real rulers of our country. 'Ipso facto' means ______.

(a) in fact
(b) by the law
(c) once
(d) entirely

Q9: The popularity of yesteryear's' superstars is on the wane. "On the wane" here means ______.

(a) at its peak
(b) declining
(c) growing more
(d) rock-bottom

Q10: I am a god fearing person. I will lay my cards on the table. "Lay my cards" here means ______.

(a) showing your play cards and end the game.
(b) bluffing in a game
(c) telling truth about your feelings.
(d) confessing

Q11: One who is new to a profession is called _________

(a) beginner
(b) entrant
(c) fresher
(d) novice

Q12: Who is the most indispencible player in our cricket team? The correct spelling of 'indispencible' is __________.

(a) indispencable
(b) indispensible
(c) indispensable
(d) indispinsable

1: (b) non sincere
2: (a) unquenchable
3: (d) Practical
4: (b) property is to vandalism
5: (a) Experience

6: (d) Metals
7: (a) comparing completely different things
8: (a) in fact
9: (b) declining
10: (c) telling truth about your feelings.
11: (d) novice
12: (c) indispensable


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