Tuesday 8 January 2013

CBSE Class 10 - Science - Ch 16 - Management of Natural Resources (Worksheet)

Management of Natural Resources
Recycling is important for ecological stability
Fill in the blanks

1. ________________ is a group of bacteria, found in human intestines, whose presence in water indicates contamination by disease-causing microorganisms.

2. The ______ of water is something that can easily be checked using universal indicator.

3. The three R’s to save the environment are __________, ___________ and ___________.

4. _________ means that you use less.

5. ________ is better than recycling because the process of recycling use some amount of energy.

6. Mining causes pollution because of large amount of slag being discarded while extracting metals. It requires __________ ____________ ___________ management for the safe disposal of these

7. ________ __________ Bishnoi, who in 1731 sacrificed her life along with 363 others for the protection of ‘khejri’ trees in Khejrali village near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

8. A local system of canal irrigation in some parts of Himachal Pradesh is called _______.

9. Constructing large dams generally give rise to three big problems i.e. _______, ________ and __________ problems.

10. ___________ are ‘biodiversity hot spots’

11. One of the main aims of conservation is to try and preserve the __________ we have inherited.

12. Experience has taught people that the destruction of forests affected not just the availability of ___________, but also the quality of _______ and the sources of water.

13. A movement called __________ ___________ started at Reni in Garhwal, high-up in the Himalayas during the early 1970s to save trees from cutting.

14. _________ ____________ emphasizes scientific soil and water conservation in order to increase the biomass production


1. Coliform
2. pH
3. reduce, recycle, reuse
4. Reduce
5. Reuse
6. sustainable natural resources
7. Amrita Devi
8. Kulhs
9. social, economic, environmental
10. Forests
11. biodiversity
12. forest products, soil
13. Chipko Andolan
14. Watershed management

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