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CBSE Class9 - English Comm. Workbook - Integrative Grammar Practice - 6


Q1: Read the following sentences. Each sentence has four words underlined. Select one underlined word that is incorrect and write it in the space provided. The first one has been done as an example.

The Statue of Liberty is designed by Frederic Auguste Barthold.            is
It was completely in France in July 1884.completely
The statue was shipped to New York with 350 pieces.with
She arrived there on 17 June 1885.She
The pieces were put together but the opening ceremony
took place on 28 Oct 1886.but

Q2: Choose the right word from the options given below and fill in the blank.

(a) He ______________ breakfast yesterday.
(b) There ______________ orange juice in the refrigerator.
(c) My room can't be dirty, I ___________ it.
(d) Sneha wrote the programme _____________; she didn't need anybody's help.
(e) If you had come to the theatre last night you ________________ the play.

(a) (i) not had
    (ii) didn't had
   (iii) didn't have ✓
   (iv) hadn't

(b) (i) aren't any
     (ii) is no any
    (iii) wasn't none
    (iv) isn't any

(c) (i) just clean
     (ii) is just cleaned
    (iii) has just clean
    (iv) have just cleaned ✓

(d) (i) on her own ✓
     (ii) on herself
    (iii) by himself
    (iv) by her own.

(e) (i) would enjoy
     (ii) had enjoyed
    (iii) would have enjoyed ✓
    (iv) must have enjoyed

3. Rearrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences. Rewrite the sentences using appropriate punctuation marks.


(a) in 2004 / the Nobel Peace prize / Dr. Wangari Maathai / was awarded
⇒ Dr. Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2004.

(b) towards sustainable development / the award / was in / her service /recognition of
⇒ The award was in recognition of her service towards sustainable development.

(c) Nairobi's Uhuni Park / in 1989 / saved / single - handedly / she
⇒ She saved Nairobi's Uhuni Park single - handedly in 1989.

(d) which is an NGO / she is / the Green Belt Movement / the founder of
⇒  She is the founder of the Green Belt Movement which is an NGO.

(e) at the grassroots / environmental issues / the Green Belt Movement / works /on various/level
⇒The Green Belt Movement works on various environmental issues at the grassroots level.

(f) has earned / Dr. Wangari Maathai / "Tree Mother of Africa" / the title
⇒ Dr. Wangari Maathai has earned the title "Tree Mother of Africa".

4. Look at the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows by choosing the correct option from the choices given.

Kamala Das alias Kamala Suraiyya - famous Indian writer - published auto
biography - My story - translated - foreign languages

Kamala Das also (a) __________________________ is (b) _____________________.
She (c)______________________________ 'My Story' when she was 42 years old.
Her autobiography (d) __________________________ into many foreign


(a) (i) called as Kamala Suraiyya
     (ii) known by Kamala Suraiyya
     (iii) known as Kamala Suraiyya ✓
     (iv) said as Kamala Suraiyya

(b) (i) famous Indian writer
     (ii) a famous Indian writer ✓
    (iii) the famous Indian writer
    (iv) famous as an Indian writer

(c) (i) published her autobiography titled ✓
     (ii) published an autobiography titled
    (iii) published an autobiography as
    (iv) published an autobiography as

(d) (i) is being translated
     (ii) will be translated
    (iii) have been translated
    (iv) has been translated ✓


  1. Wheres the solutions for unit 6:(

  2. Plzz give the solutions of unit 6

  3. In the 1st question second answer there are two mistakes one is completely (given) but the other one is the second in which is supposed to be on july
    please make corrections

    1. 'in July' is correct. Preposition 'in' is used for longer duration. 'On' is used for shorter duration or particular date.

  4. Where are the solutions of unit-6-The Passive ?


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