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CBSE Class 10 - FIT - Societal Impacts of IT

Societal Impacts of IT
CBSE Class 10 - FIT - Societal Impacts of IT
Social Networking


Q1: Which of the following is considered as cyber crime?

(a) Virus Attack
(b) Worm Attack
(c) Hacking
(d) All of these

Q2: The use of internet or other electronic media to harass a person or group of individuals or an organization is termed as:

(a) Cybernet
(b) Cyber policing
(c) Cyber stalking
(d) Cyber space

Q3(SQP):To avoid problems while working with internet you should follow these precautions:
(a) Install anti-Virus on your computer
(b) Take the back-up of your files regularly
(c) Do not click on unknown links
(d) All of the above

Q4: An unsolicited mail or message indiscriminately sent to a large number of persons without their consent, is called

(a) worm
(b) spam
(c) trojan
(d) online marketing

Q5: In terms of Information security, acronym CIA stands for:

(a) Central Intelligence Agency
(b) Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication
(c) Cognitive Intelligent Access
(d) None of these

Q6: A malicious piece of code which copies and appends itself to other files and disk sectors is called as ________

(a) Computer virus
(b) Computer trojan
(c) Computer worm
(d) Web Script

Q7: A self-replicating computer program which sends copies of itself to other nodes on the computer network without any user intervention is known as _________

(a) Computer virus
(b) Computer trojan
(c) Computer worm
(d) Web Script

Q8: A sentinel program which tries to protect computer system from data loss,  destruction of system files and attack of any external threat like worms or viruses is called __________.

(a) Virus program
(b) Worm Script
(c) Anti-virus program
(d) Spyware

Q9: Radha is an IT manager. Her company has provided a laptop to her so that she can access office emails and work from home. She shared her computer login-id and password with her son and allowed him to install educational computer games. 

We can say,
(a) it is ok to share the password with her family members.
(b) it is ethical since she is helping her kid in his education.
(c) it is not ethical since laptop is provided to her for business use.
(d) it is alright provided she has taken permission from her employers.

Q10: In terms of network security, 'DoS' is termed as

(a) Disk Operating System
(b) Denial of Service
(c) Distributive Operative Service
(d) Distributed Operating System

Q11: A __________ is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. 

(b) HUMAN Intelligence Test

Q12: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+ are examples of 

(a) chat software
(b) web mail application
(c) social networking
(d) network sharing

Q13: Out of the following, which one will be altered or modified by a computer virus?

(a) Operating System
(b) Speed of Network Connectivity
(c) Application Software
(d) All of the above

1: (d) All of these
2: (c) Cyber stalking
3: (d) All of the above
4: (b) spam
5: (b) Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication
6: (a) Computer virus
7: (c) Computer worm
8: (c) Anti-virus program
9: (c) it is not ethical since laptop is provided to her for business use.
10: (b) Denial of Service
11: (a) CAPTCHA
12:  (c) social networking
13: (d) All of the above


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