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CBSE Class 9 - History - CH6 - Peasants and Farmers

Peasants and Farmers
CBSE Class 9 - History - CH6 - Peasants and Farmers


Q1: Who was Captain Swing?

(a) A farmer
(b) An army Captain
(c) A mythical name
(d) A labourer

Q2(CBSE): The Great Agrarian Depression of the 1930s was caused by:

(a) overproduction of wheat
(b) fall of wheat production
(c) rise in the price of wheat
(d) overproduction of rice

Q3: In 19th century, the main reason for the peasants to protest against threshing machines use was:

(a) Machines were difficult to operate.
(b) These machines were robbing off their jobs.
(c) These were very expensive.
(d) All of these

Q4(CBSE): Opium was exported from India to:

(a) China
(b) Rome
(c) U.K.
(d) Portugal

Q5: Who benefited the most from enclousers?

(a) Traders
(b) Landlords
(c) Peasants
(d) British Parliament

Q6(CBSE): Farmers in England began buying the new threshing machines because they:

(a) feared shortage of labour
(b) wanted to show superiority by buying these machines
(c) had enough money which they wanted to invest
(d) None of these

Q7: In 1831 mechanical reaper was invented by:

(a) Cyrus McCormic
(b) Dietrich Brandis
(c) Alexander Hogue
(d) Captain Swing

Q8: Which of the following systems was adopted by the British to convince the unwilling
Indian cultivators to produce opium?

(a) Cheap loans
(b) Scientific farming methods
(c) Collective farming
(d) Advances

Q9: During the beginning of 19th century, which of the following were major commercial crops in India?

(a) Cotton and Jute
(b) Indigo and Opium
(c) Sugarcane and Cotton
(d) Indigo and Jute

Q10(CBSE): The Manchus were:

(a) Chinese rulers
(b) Roman rulers
(c) Indian rulers
(d) Portuguese rulers

Q11(SQP): Which one of the following is related to the name of Captain Swing?

(a) Invention of threshing machines.
(b) Breaking of threshing machines.
(c) A mythical name for threatening the Landowners.
(d) Prosperity of farm labour.

Q12(SQP): The Growing of which one of the following crops improves the soil fertility?

(a) Potatos & Tomatoes.
(b) Wheat & Rice.
(c) Turnip & Cloves.
(d) Brinjal & Banana.

Q13: When did the American settlers move into the Mississippi Valley?

(a) between 1820 and 1850
(b) between 1920 and 1950
(c) between 1850 and 1870
(d) between 1870 and 1900

Q14(CBSE): Who was the American President under whom maximum expansion of  wheat cultivation took place?

(a) President Wilson
(b) President Roosevelt
(c) George Washington
(d) Abraham Lincoln

Q15: Which natural event proved to be a nightmare for American peasants?

(a) Floods
(b) Famines
(c) Blizzards
(d) None of these

1: (c) A mythical name
2: (a) overproduction of wheat
3: (b) These machines were robbing off their jobs.
4: (a) China
5: (b) Landlords
6: (a) feared shortage of labour
7: (a) Cyrus McCormic
8: (d) Advances
9: (b) Indigo and Opium
10: (a) Chinese rulers
11: (c) A mythical name for threatening the Landowners.
12: (c) Turnip & Cloves.
13: (a) between 1820 and 1850
14: (a) President Wilson

15: (c) Blizzards


  1. How was the relation of labours in england with their land owner during 19 century

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